Notes from the 2021 AGM

Hello to one and all in our flying disc family,

I hope that this edition of the Newsletter finds you safe and well as we head onto the 18th Tee of 2021. This has been a year of hard work, commitment, support, surprises, new records and much much more. Just as I think that the season was coming to an end and that I could have a break yet more events have popped up, 3 this Saturday alone (ONETWOTHREE). This news pretty much sums up 2021 for me, one of HUNGER. A hunger to reclaim a lost year, for some a hunger for something old, for others a hunger for something new, moreover a hunger for camaraderie and competition. There has been no shortage of challenges for us all this year and yet as a community, I believe we have grown from strength to strength meeting the necessities of our ever-growing sport. I’ll save the look back over the year for another edition, suffice to say that I’m proud to be part of this community and all that has been achieved this year (already).

For the second time the AGM was held online via a video meeting and I for one am going to chalk it up as another success. The meeting was well attended and has followed the success of other online meetings held this year including a Q&A and a couple of Focus Group meetings. I would like to thank everyone that participated in the AGM and other meetings throughout the year, the BDGA is made up of its members for its members so the more involvement there is from you all the better it will become.

Below you will find a link to the notes from the AGM and relevant documents. As ever, if you have any questions or wish to discuss any of these topics please do send us an email.

National Director – Sam Stevens –
Secretary – Simon Luard –
Treasurer – James Burton –
Director of Competitions – Phil Wood –
Director of Communications – Paul Stoddart –

Stay safe,
Paul Stoddart


Due to COVID-19 the BDGA AGM 2021 was online this year at 8 pm on Wednesday, November 10th and was open to Full Members of the Association. The notes contain links to all the Board Reports plus the opening remarks from the National Director. Along with other agenda items, you will also find a brief outline of the proposed new BDGA Tours for 2022. More detailed documents about the new Tours will follow soon. To help you understand some of the processes, thoughts, ideas and work that has helped shape the plans for 2022 please also read this DOCUMENT. 


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