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Becoming a Full Member of the British Disc Golf Association (BDGA) for the 2024 season which runs from January 1st to December 31st costs £15. UKWDGA members receive a 50% discount, and Junior membership (under 18) is free.
Questions about membership - Membership Secretary - Jaimie Cross, email -
As a Full Member, you can earn tour points by playing BDGA Tour events, and only members can play at the Major events hosted throughout the year including the BDGA National Champs. Tour points will contribute to your bid to become the 2024 BDGA Points Race champion. Click HERE for Tour info.
Questions about the Tour or Events - Director of Competitions - Harry Messenger, email -
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  1. A little bit about the BDGA and why joining us is valuable

    If you have ever wondered why supporting the BDGA by becoming a member is so valuable for the Association, yourself and the continued growth of disc golf then please read through this article.

    By far the most common reason for players to join and renew... thier Full Membership is for the competitive side of the sport. By becoming a BDGA Full Member when you play in our BDGA Tour events you will be able to accrue Tour Points and have the opportunity to play in the Majors events. More information can be found on a *PDF HERE*.

    While the BDGA Tour is still a large part of what the BDGA looks after it is by no means what defines us. The BDGA Board are keen to be able to provide additional financial support for strategic priorities which facilitate the growth of disc golf in the UK, particularly Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through the BDGA Outreach Team and Discover Disc Golf project. This year Full Membership has been set at £15 which will help to cover the increase in cost of running the association but also a larger income should allow us to earmark more money to support sustainable growth moving forward. Two ways in which we continue to do this is by offering free Full Membership to Jnrs (15 years and under) and working with the UK Womens Disc Golf Association (UKWDGA) to provide discounted BDGA Full Membership to members of the UKWDGA.

    Along with providing funds for the Tour we will also continue to support Team GB who are heading to Australia this year to compete in the WFDF Team DG Championships. We will also support the Development Fund, Matchplay Championship and End of Year Awards.

    Another area of spending which benefits our members is the access to borrow equipment. While members of the BDGA Board are happy to loan out their time and knowledge to help members set up clubs, put on events, run fundraisers, Scout activites and festivals all of this would be far less fun without having some discs to throw at some baskets. The BDGA now has 9 portable baskets in the south and 6 in the north with enough discs to keep everyone playing. These are free to use so please get in touch if you have event where disc golf can be played and introduced to new players.

  2. The BDGA Newsletter

    As a member of the BDGA you will receive regular Newsletters and Tour updates from us. Why not have a browse through previous editions HERE