Play Disc Golf!

The Disc Golf Association has summarised the rules of disc golf for recreational play here (click).

Around the UK we have a number of disc golf courses, which you can search for using our Course Finder.

We also have many disc golf clubs, who would be delighted to hear from you and to show you around their local course(s).

The BDGA exists to look after the interests of disc golfers in Britain and to promote the growth of the sport. One of its primary tasks is the collection and dissemination of information. This is achieved by various means, including the public forum.

If you are completely new to the sport and looking for somewhere to play, you might start with our Play and Find pages to find courses and clubs near you.

If you want to keep up to date, as well as the Forum, we have an active group on Facebook where events and disc golf in general are discussed.

If you’re looking to buy discs, there are online vendors, who are happy to advise on purchases.

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