GB Teams for European Championships 2020

The selection committee, consisting of the BDGA Board plus volunteers Rich Wood and Adam Willetts, has reached its decision on the teams for the European Disc Golf Championships and European Masters’ Disc Golf Championships 2020. The qualification procedure is more complicated than in previous years but also left us with fewer decisions to make. The make-up of the teams is detailed below:
The following players were been given automatic qualification (called ‘Individual Spots’) based on their ratings:
Derek Robins (MP60) (also chosen to be team captain)
Charlie Mead (MP65)
We had an individual spot in FP40/50 but no-one put their name forward, so sadly we will be losing that place. I asked Richard Kollar (head of EDGF) if he would give us a place in another division but he said that wasn’t possible.
We have the following additional slots to allocate as we see fit (these are called ‘National Spots’)
MJ18: 1
MPO: 2
FPO: 1
MP40: 1
Looking at each division: (with the players who put themselves forward)
MJ18: (1 place available)
Joe O’Brien is our highest rated, at 963.
MPO: (2 places available)
Chris O’Brien is our highest rated, at 979 – however, he’s also very high up in MP40 and stands a better chance there.
Of our purely ‘Open’ players, James Luton is highest rated, at 976. Behind him we have Charlie O’Brien (966).
FPO: (1 place available)
Sian Lee (816) was our only applicant.
MP40: (1 place available)
As mentioned, Chris O’Brien (979) is our highest rated.
Therefore, the team will consist of:
MJ18: Joe O’Brien
MPO: James Luton and Charlie O’Brien
MP40: Chris O’Brien
FPO: Sian Lee
MP60: Derek Robins (c)
MP65: Charlie Mead 
Reserves: Noah Smithson (MJ18 and 2nd MPO reserve), Iain McDougall (MP40 and 1st MPO reserve)
We wish our teams the very best of luck!