EDGC / EMDGC 2020 Registry of Interest

In 2020 what was previously the European Disc Golf Championships (EDGC) is splitting into two concurrent events: the European Disc Golf Championships (EDGC – for MPO, FPO, MJ18 and FJ18) and the European Masters Disc Golf Championships (EMDGC – for MP40, MP50, MP60, MP65, FP40 and FP50).

These tournaments are being held in the Czech Republic between 19-22 August 2020.

Entry to these tournaments is now based on players being nominated by their national governing bodies, then selected for a limited number of spaces by their rating. The number of spaces depends on whether other countries take their allocations.
For all other players to be nominated for individual spots, they must satisfy the following requirements:
A. nationality requirements,
B. approval by the national disc golf governing body,
C. division age restrictions,
D. current PDGA membership in good standing,
E. the players must be PDGA officials at the time of duration of the event,
F. their minimum PDGA rating must be above 800 (all mixed divisions except MJ18) and 600 (all female divisions except FJ18), no minimum PDGA rating requirements for MJ18 and FJ18,
G. their PDGA country must agree with the country for which they are nominated,
H. they must be active players, i.e., they have played at least 4 events and 10 PDGA rated rounds over the last 12 month (including recent rounds and events with unofficial ratings, excluding rounds with less that 13 holes) OR they have a strong history of recent play, i.e., they have played at least 12 events and 30 PDGA rated rounds over the last 36 months (all prior to November 18, 2019 date).

All nominated players will be sorted by their current PDGA rating (after November 2019 update).
Among the nominated players – the current European Champions and the highest rated players up to the individual spots quota in each division will receive the individual spots.
The remaining nominated players will be sorted according to their current PDGA rating (after November 2019 update) and placed on the waiting list for individual spots in each division.
In case of players with the same PDGA rating the tie is broken by the higher PDGA rating at the last rating update when the players had different ratings (no rating counts as 0 for this purpose), in case such a rating is unavailable for some of the players, the lower PDGA number breaks the tie.

If you wish to be considered for nomination please fill in this form (click for link). Please note that we expect nominees to be BDGA members. Deadline for declaring interest is midnight on Sunday November 10th.