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Trevors disc clear out.

Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2015 7:19 pm
by Trevor
Once I figure out how to post images I will. In the meantime here is a list of some available discs. Also on FB.

1A Discraft Predator Z 177 D £5
2A Discraft Predator Z 175 D 5 one rock dent on rim
5A Innova Ryhno DX 174 C/D 4
1B Innova Mako 3 Champ 171 C 6 Marks on flight plate Cosmetic.
2B Innova Mako 3 Champ 173 B 8 1 Minor mark on flight plate
3B Innova Thunderbird Champ 171 C/D 5 Very inked, I had too many orange discs in the bag
4B Discraft Nuke SS Z 171 B 4 Very flippy DC second, tourney stamp
5B Innova Ryhno DX 174 C 4
1C Discraft Nuke SS Z 171 B/C 5
2C Discraft Nuke OS Z 170 C 5
3C Innova Eagle DX 168 E free ish
4C Prodigy PA4 400 174 A 6 No Ink
5C Innova Ryhno Star 175 B 6

All discs Inked unless stated
A New or a few practice throws, no marks
B Excellent condition as new with a cosmetic mark, a few practice throws
C Good condition, been in the bag, normal wear and tear
D Ok Condition, been in the bag some notable bumps or bruises
E Well chonked / Mulled