Shropshire Disc golf is born

Disc Golf in the county of Shropshire
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Shropshire Disc golf is born

Post by Steve » Thu Oct 27, 2005 2:27 pm

BoomHill was born two years ago, and until quite recently was the only disc golf course in Shropshire. However, with Kingsland well and truly on the map these days, and the players keen to push development of the sport locally, it was the obvious choice to set ourselves up as a Sports Club.

Inaugurated on 3rd August 2005, Shropshire Disc Golf Club aims to promote the growth of the sport, and actively introduce disc golf to schools and clubs in the area.

A new web site will be under way during those cold, dark winter nights when it's a bit grim out to be throwing plastic.

Executive Officers:
Chairman : Nige Williams
Secretary : Casper Macindoe
Treasurer : Pete Milmo

Elected Officers:
Events Officer : Steve Broster
Asst. Events Officer : Bill Ferguson
Development Officer : Bob Holgan
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