Membership vote 211116

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Membership vote 211116

Post by LostMeow » Mon Nov 21, 2016 10:22 am

Thanks to all 33 members who voted in the ballot about membership prices last week. This exceeds the minimum online quorum of 25 voters, so we accept the results as binding.

The results are:

£10 membership: 30 votes
£17 membership: 3 votes

- therefore we now have Full membership at £10.

Free memberships for Board members: 28 votes
No free memberships for Board members: 5 votes

- therefore Board members will now receive automatic Full membership.

Following a gargantuan Facebook (and Forum) debate, the next step will be to offer amendments to the £10 membership, as many were concerned about the condition that it was compulsory for BDGA events. The wording of these amendments will be finalised by the Board later this week and presented for a vote ASAP. Thank you for your patience in helping us to implement these changes.

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