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Traditional Golfers paired with Disc Golfers?

Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2006 10:42 pm
by madfrolfer
We (Rick and I) have been approached by the base to see about helping to set up an event at the base Golf Course. They are interested in working Disc Golf in somehow. We have come up with a doubles format event. There will be a Disc Golf course set up to run along side the golf course. We will share tees, and for the most part fairways. Each Disc Golfer will be paired up with a Ball Golfer and the teams scores combined will determine your standing. We are also considering working in a handicap system to make things more interesting. Most of the golfers participating already have handicaps figured out for the base course. Rick and I will probably try to determine what a fair par is for the disc golf course that is set up, and hopefully use PDGA Ratings to Handicap all the Disc Golfers. This would be a one day event on the weekend of the 24-25 of February. Entry fees will be reasonable, and prizes will be awarded. Would any of you be interested in participating? We would need 18 Disc Golfer to commit in order for this event to get off the ground. If you are interested I would like to hear from you.