National Directors Report 2016

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National Directors Report 2016

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Ok here goes my NDs report. Now I've never done this before so be nice :) thanks!

National Directors report 2016
2016 has been a year of new beginnings for the BDGA. We have made a lot of progressive steps forward that I am proud of. However, we have only been working on these things for a year and so hopefully there is much more to come. This year has been somewhat of a learning experience for me as well as a privilege so I wanted to start my report by thanking the other board members and all of those individuals who have offered constructive advice during this period of transition for the BDGA. The steps made this year will allow for further changes to be made so that we are able to implement the ideas that have been suggested and debated at length throughout the year. These being: Tour structure, Membership, Roles of the BDGA and Development.

Initially this year we aimed to make a number of changes that we realised we were unable to make without considerable revisions to the constitution of the BDGA. Upon examination it was clear that the constitution had not been updated since its creation in the 90s. Therefore, the first half of the year was taken up with the creation of a new constitution. Many thanks to the members who offered their time to help critique our first drafts of this new constitution. The main change that we have implemented is that we now have the ability to hold online votes and make changes to the way the BDGA is run without having to call an AGM/EGM. This also allows for votes to be made by all touring members not just those in attendance at an AGM. The new constitution was admittedly a time consuming setback for us in achieving everything we wanted to this year but it was necessary in order to bring the BDGA into the 21st Century in terms of the rules that govern us. I would suggest that the constitution is examined every 10 years from now to ensure that we can avoid situations like these in future and that the BDGA is always in line with the modern world.

Tour Structure
As I’m sure you have seen over the last few weeks there will be a new tour structure in 2017. This is aimed at making the BDGA tour more inclusive as well as more professional. Ideally a wealth of events up and down the country will increase the number of people playing tournaments as well as the number of BDGA members. By introducing the British Open (Not as a Eurotour event but as a Major on the British Tour) and the British Championships we have assured that there will be at least two B-tier events in Britain every year and A-tier if possible. Hopefully with an improved standard of tournament we can improve the standard of golf with more competition for places and prizes. I believe that the increased number of tournaments will create more competition for TDs and create a system in which the quality of tournaments is raised. Players will essentially vote with their feet on which tournaments will be the highest attended and so the more work, care and love that goes into an event, the better the turnout will be. I’ll still be off to Mull every year, see ya’ll there!
For more info on the new tour structure see Phil Woods post on the forum and on Facebook. Thanks to Phil for his great work on this structure during the year.

This year on the tour we have seen a slight fall in the number of touring members. However, with the new touring system in place I expect this figure to rise significantly over the next few years. This year we are separating BDGA and PDGA membership. Since it is so simple to get PDGA membership online and with the issues surrounding the Pound vs the Dollar currently it makes sense to put an end to this dual membership. The plan for the years membership is still being debated but we are looking at cheaper options potentially linked through a club. These things are still to be decided and will be available for comment shortly.

The website was the biggest project this year and desperately needed a revamp. The best part of the year was spent contributing ideas and working on a brand new website that represents us as a collective. Nige Williams was approached and took the lead on design as his expertise in this department is renowned. He was given a list of criteria and kept us in the loop consistently through the year. What we see now is a new look website separated into four main sections: Play, Join, Find and Tour. These we feel are the key areas that people will wish to access and throughout the year hopefully they should fill up with the essential information that people need. The new website allows multiple individuals to upload information straight onto the site so we can ensure it is always up to date. BDGA membership will be available through the site and we will hopefully be adding a link to PDGA membership as well. BDGA social media is also linked through the website as well as a gallery of photos.
In a longer term view I would like to see a role of honour added to the site for all winners of BDGA tours throughout the years. I also think player profiles can be added from time to time and perhaps an ‘in the bag’ video with certain players to add an element of fun to the site.
For the time being I feel that the website is our biggest success of the year and presents the BDGA in a much more favourable light to passers-by. In the next year I hope we are able to improve upon the website so it paints an even more impressive picture of what the BDGA is all about.

The new Development and Outreach team was something that we debated over for a large portion of the year. If the BDGA is going to invest fairly sizeable amounts of money into development then we need to be certain that the money is going to be invested wisely. The aims and responsibilities of the DOT were made available for members to see some time ago. At the time we also asked for applications for any individuals wanting to take on the role of Development Officer to lead the team and feed back to the board. Unfortunately we received no applications for this role and so it has somewhat stagnated. Whilst there was not much interest in people wanting to lead the team I did receive several encouraging messages from members who wished to be a part of the team. I believe we should press on with the DOT, allow applications for positions on the team and let the team decide on a development officer as and when they are in a position to do so. We currently have a healthy surplus in the bank and I would like to see us begin to invest this when the right opportunities come up. If anyone would be interested in joining the DOT please contact myself or another board member and we will discuss where we want to go with development this week.

Conclusion and Farewells
Overall, I feel like this has been a very progressive year for the BDGA. We haven’t got everything right as has been pointed out a number of times but the steps made have been very positive. I have seen first-hand the commitment that volunteers put into the sport and I am so grateful for the work everyone has put in this year both board members and other members. We set out at the start of the year with high expectations and ambitions and whilst not everything was possible in this initial year I am proud of the changes that have been achieved. This year was a learning experience for me having not been involved with the board before and so I appreciate all the patience and support I received. I look forward to continuing my work with the board as the secretary and handing over the big job to the most committed individual I know. I’m sure that with Tom at the helm we can build on this years work and grow the sport to the heights it deserves to be at.
You can now direct all complaints to Mr Lowes 
With all my love.
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