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Re: BDGA Board Elections 2015

Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2015 3:24 pm
by seamus
bruce wrote: don’t put the cart before the horse!
We will in 2016 I believe have more Tour standard courses than room for events in the calendar, unless we drastically change the tour structure.

Re: BDGA Board Elections 2015

Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2015 10:29 am
by Del
It's good to see James putting his hat in the ring for the National Director role. My comments on the manifesto:
1. No change required to voting procedures, Board should use Forum, Newsletter and facebook etc to sound out membership on any contentious issues.
2. It's not a BDGA role to design courses, we should make design/costing/funding advice available and point people to potential course installers and to local clubs.
3. YES! Make an improved website a priority
4. Easily the most overdebated topic ever. Whatever system you pick you can point up anomalies or unfairness. I think the pro-rata points distribution is the best way, but I take the point about only getting one point for last. So, lets pro-rata points between say 10 and 100 or 20 and 100.
5. There will come a point at which bigger events become member only as is the case with PDGA events. I don't feel that we are there yet.
6. Sure it would be nice to have the Euros team better organised and enthused etc.
7. Sounds good to me!
8. Promotional Events Co-ordinator - sure, as Bruce says, it should mainly be something that local clubs do to promote their course or their club, but it's useful to have a coordinator who can advise and help make promotional materials and equipment available.
9. No opinion
10. Sure, we would all like to see steadily increasing standards for Tour events. It's not all that easy to legislate, as the quality is not revealed until the tournament takes place.
If I can add one suggestion, it is that the BDGA work with clubs to have a development plan for clubs, and then program follow up assessments to check on and encourage progress. The real progress will be made by clubs and individual enthusiasts, but a bit of guidance and encouragement can help keep things moving.

Re: BDGA Board Elections 2015

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 7:24 am
by andrewdouse
3. Previous calls have been for someone to help update and maintain the existing website, something I wouldn't want to do... However, if we're talking an entirely new site, and its subsequent updating, then that is something I would do, on the basis that whilst some initial ideas would be welcome (e.g point me at other sites that work - the foot golf site seems to be liked), as would tidying up once its done, the whole middle bit would be left to me. (see this cartoon!

I would be happy to put something together and temporarily host it on the back of my website to try it out and get some feedback before it went live on the bdga site, and if at any point it was decided to just go with someone else to do a site that would be fine. I have been without my web software for 3+ years due to a computer upgrade and being too stingy to upgrade the software as well, but now that I have its a good way for me to get to know the new software!

Re: BDGA Board Elections 2015

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 9:33 am
by Nige
Dipping my oar in the water here for #3. Absolutely. The current site is an unfortunate consequence of the previous site being hacked, and a 'temporary' site being launched based on a default template as an emergency measure. There was a call for ideas, opinions, feedback on a new test site that was being developed, and all that came back was a notion that it might be a good idea to have some player profiles on the new site....

Any new site needs content. It needs good quality content, lots of it, and it needs to be updated regularly. The BDGA newsletters are a fantastic source for this content, but only a few have been loaded onto the site, and there was a call a while back to turn them off as they were so out of date. As the newsletters are all archived on MailChimp they can easily be loaded onto a new site. No big issues there, apart from the time it takes to do it.

I'm happy to work on a new one as well, and it would be good to work with Andrew on this front (if you're up for it?). The current site is sat on my server, which is quite tasty, and I'm happy to carry on hosting it or help move it to a new home. From a productivity point of view, pay a few pounds for a nice responsive template, sit it on a stable CMS, a little customisation here and there and you're done in terms of design. There's all sorts of functionality that can be incorporated with regards FB, event-specific pages, course locations etc. etc.

I'm not sticking my head above the parapet to do the content updates either, but the current site is an embarrasment to the sport and I'm tooled up and ready to go for free. It needs a little focussed planning as too much democracy is never good with design - Andrew's bang on there :)

You can give some money to someone to produce a site, but it's money wasted unless it's updated. Regularly. With good quality content. Lots of it.... I think you've got the picture by now.

Re: BDGA Board Elections 2015

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 10:54 am
by LostMeow
Just for reference, this is a Wordpress site I put together a few months ago to see what a refreshed, simpler design could do.

I think the website needs to be a landing area primarily for new players and people learning about the sport for the first time, and I put it together with that in mind. The benefit of Wordpress, to me, was that it doesn't require any level of programming knowledge to edit.

Re: BDGA Board Elections 2015

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 10:57 am
by james
This is exactly what i wanted to hear regarding the site! The plan is to spend a few quid and get something brand new and flashy and to have those who are tech minded and willing to update it! Loving the enthusiasm Andrew and Nige. Will definitely be in touch.

Re: BDGA Board Elections 2015

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 3:36 pm
by Jester
With the enthusiastic responses of Andrew and Nige to do this work off their own back, which is jolly nice of them, the only outlay may need to be for something like a responsive Word Press theme, if that indeed is execution direction chosen.

But this is already getting ahead of ourselves. It's critical to the success of any project (and I hope Andrew and Nige would agree) that the tail doesn't wag the dog.

In order not to fall into the traps Andrew's cartoon illustrates rather well, or end up with a beautiful looking but white elephant site, what’s needed is a strong set of requirements that consider the site needs of the BDGA now and in the future. I would suggest to begin with all players are encouraged to add their tuppence worth. What things would player like to see on the site? What features and why? What other sites do they currently use and enjoy the BDGA could leverage and idea from? When this process bottoms-out and no more new ideas or suggestions are forthcoming things can proceed.

The next step would be to prioritising the requirements. I would expect this to take place based on three criteria: the aims of the BDGA, the aims of the BDGA site, and the needs of the users targeted by the site. Note this does not include creating any features simply because they are considered cool, unless it is shown such a feature is a major part of what the intended audience want.

With the requirements prioritised by value to the BDGA and the site users, the next step would be the get a technical effort estimate from the design/build team on each of the features. Some of the ideas may be really easy to implement, others may be a technical Everest. A balance needs to be stuck between doing things that are easy and doing things that add value. I hate the term but some people in my industry like to talk about going for ‘low hanging fruit’ first e.g. do the easy things that add a lot of value before you do that hard things that may add very little.

The finished list of prioritised requirements would be signed off by the Board, or an appointee, to give the design/build team complete confidence to move ahead. It would be very clear to all parties what is being asked for, what is being agreed too and what will define success/a finished feature.

I’d be happy to contribute my skills, help manage the project, and create an environment that allows the work of Andrew and Nige to flourish.

Re: BDGA Board Elections 2015

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2015 8:44 am
by LostMeow
Touring Members,

you should have received an email about the BDGA Board elections. Please contact me if the email has not arrived by lunchtime today.

Re: BDGA Board Elections 2015

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:00 am
by burt
Hi All,

As you will now know I have put myself forward for the Treasures role, I also see that Ross Davies has put himself forward, so this is the only role with a real election...... and a need to decide between two candidates.

I have put together a brief statement on how I propose to fulfil the duties of the role, you should have this on email from Tom but here it is again - ... sp=sharing

Should anyone have any questions regarding my intentions and ability to carry out the role or need a little help in making up their mind between candidates I am more than happy to respond to any relevant questions. Either here or via email to

James Burton
BDGA 371

Re: BDGA Board Elections 2015

Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2015 7:32 pm
by LostMeow
Keep those votes coming in, peeps - polls close at 2359 tomorrow (Wednesday).

Re: BDGA Board Elections 2015

Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2015 7:31 am
by LostMeow
The polls have closed and the results are in! Please welcome your new committee for 2016: James Luton​, Tom Lowes, James Burton​, Phil Wood​ and Richard Wood​.

Re: BDGA Board Elections 2015

Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2015 8:42 am
by rhatton1
Thank you Tom/Bruce/the board for putting this format together, seems to work well and got a larger share of the membership voting than the AGM achieves. Well done guys.