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Re: BDGA#7 - The Lancashire Hotshot - 20th/21st June 2015

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2015 1:41 pm
by ChrisOBrien
Del wrote:The only real groan/moan I had was the confusion on Sunday start time, not that it affected me greatly, but if you publish a start time, you need to stick with it. I don't know what the story was there, maybe it was just a misunderstanding or rumor that spread, but as soon as I heard about it on Saturday evening I said "that won't work!"
All round great job guys!
Quite right too. I had this bother me once at a recent tournament and it messed up my morning prep. Sorry for anyone who it negatively affected. Lesson learned.

I was so knackered at the end of the 2nd round on saturday that I didn't have the energy to double check the invite and I felt I was out of delegating credits so I took a hunch that it was 9am and everyone seemed happy and the word circulated, until the morning when people seemed happy and relieved to have it pushed back to 9.30. I'll get this right in future.

By leaving the final groupings until close to tee off on sunday morning it catered for last minute drop outs. I appreciated help with scores from Jaime, Matt, Bruce and others - thank you everyone.

Re: BDGA#7 - The Lancashire Hotshot - 20th/21st June 2015

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2015 1:55 pm
by ChrisOBrien
LostMeow wrote:
bruce wrote:
Hole 9: I thought the DZ was fair, I got up & down, as did Ed Green on my card on Sat.
It wasn't the distance to the hole, simply the fact that it was literally right behind the fence - therefore for players with low(er) release throws (or shorter people!) it was more difficult than if you naturally release higher (or are taller!). Maybe that was the intention.
Not intended to penalise discriminatory - more an oversight. It's a lovely line like a par 3 in it's own right, made interesting mainly by the cross/headwind but I realised it was an oversight when I watched Charlie OB clip the barbed wired and it went OB. Early in the first round. The guilt was heavy.

Re: BDGA#7 - The Lancashire Hotshot - 20th/21st June 2015

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 11:35 am
by Jester
Thanks to everyone at Myrescough who helped put on a great first event there. I thought the venue and facilities were great, and overall the course played well. I’m very grateful to the spotters who made it possible to play the bottom field, and the volunteers who served up the nice lunches. Having the accommodation close by was a real bonus, as was the great breakfast across the street at Guy’s Thatched Cottage pub.

A few thoughts:

- Spotters and lunches: Both welcome and necessary! Also very nice to be able to make hot drinks, great idea to have everyone mark their cup to save waste.

- OB Rules changes: I can imagine the thought behind this, to give the Ints ‘more of a chance’ of some of the tees, but really all is did was add confusion and frustration as rules changed from hole to hole. The PDGA rules might not be 100% perfect, but they are under continual revision to reach for that, and at the very least don’t create a scenario like on #2 where an entire group threw turboputts ‘OB’ off the tee and all played shot 2 from the drop zone, while other players who took on the drive went into a different OB area played 3 from the DZ. Please don’t try to fix what ain’t broken! If a hole on the National Tour looks too scary for a less than 850 rated player that really isn’t a bad thing, and might suggest the Int division tee off from the DZ. The reason we have divisions is because there is a variance in player skill level and not everyone needs to play the same course.

- Third round start time: Of course have an idea of when it will begin, but don’t publish this in advance. Best to say ‘TBA at the end of the second round’ and just write it on the score port, giving yourself the flexibility to push back/bring forward if necessary once you see how the course is playing

Hole thoughts: Keep, Tweak or Change.

Hole 1: Change. Honestly can’t see what the design of this is doing. Just too random e.g. either hit an impossibly tight gap or chuck it at the tree and hope it worms through? The arboretum is stunning, surely there is a better hole out there than this?

Hole 2: Keep. Best hole on the course by a country mile and would grace any Tour venue 18. I want to go back and play it over and over to find a way to 3 it.

Hole 3: Tweak. I disliked this to start with but it grew on me over the weekend. The biggest problem is not being able to see the mando off the tee, thus not feeling comfortable attacking the drive even if it’s a positional shot

Hole 4: Keep, and take Tom’s suggestion of renaming 'Not My Style'!

Hole 5: Tweak. The basket and tee position may be limited by the adjacent track(?) but this blind huck-and-hope doesn’t really satisfy and could be better. Even when playing for a ‘safe’ shot there are too many branches that can catch the drive. Can the tee move right and some of the branches removed so the player can choose to through straight or risk going out over the OB rather than being forced to? Also please get a regulation height pole on this basket, or perhaps swap it with #12 which is not only elevated but appeared higher than it needed to be.

Hole 6: Tweak. Great hole as is, but could be even better as Bruce mentions if the tee went back.

Hole 7: Keep. Not a classic, but good enough, and requiring a turnover shot adds some variation.

Hole 8: Change. Unsatisfying and frustrating in equal measures, I think Bruce’s suggestion of reversing the direction is a good one. Driving through the gate rather than just approaching too it would take some stones.

Hole 9: Keep. Hella-tough into the wind on Sunday. Great hole, lots of danger, but rewarded accuracy (just like it should be).

Hole 10: Tweak. I think the OB on the left was too close to the basket. I got two drop-in OB 3s on the Saturday from drives that both looked as if they should have been parked. The gap to hit is pretty small, if the OB position was to penalise those who make it through then perhaps the tee and/or basket need to move to make this a bit fairer.

Hole 11: Tweak. Great hole, fair challenge, but please get rid of the OB pond in the middle of the fairway. No one is trying to land it there, but I saw two ricochets that did and were unfairly penalised.

Hole 12: Keep. Great hole. Basket pole appeared to be too high though?

Hole 13: Tweak. Agree with Bruce that if you got through the gap in one it was difficult not to 3 this at worst. I wouldn’t want to see roped OB added however, so taking the basket left would be the better option to add some danger to the second shot.

Hole 14: Tweak. This was rather too short. Would like to see the basket 7-10m from the two OB fences and the tee back 30-40m. The DZ was also too far up the fairway. The current tee could be the DZ!

Hole 15: Keep. Other’s may disagree, but I felt this was a fair challenge.

Hole 16: Keep. Great hole

Hole 17: Keep. Would really liked to have played this with the grass all cut, as hitting the 1.5m wide path for the skip was pretty impossible!

Hole 18: Tweak. Not a hole I enjoyed that much, thanks to the lack of a natural fairway, but one I would keep. The tweak is to remove the OB flower beds to the right which don’t add anything to the hole design.

Thanks again to everyone who assisted with the prep and running of the Tour event, I'm looking forward to playing again next year.

Re: BDGA#7 - The Lancashire Hotshot - 20th/21st June 2015

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 2:21 pm
by bruce

Re: BDGA#7 - The Lancashire Hotshot - 20th/21st June 2015

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2015 5:21 pm
by abonjour
I echo most of the comments from the others regarding the weekend and the course - had a really great weekend and again special thanks to the spotters!

Regarding the course, would tee of 13 to the basket of 14 be feasible? (other than having to find a different 14th hole of course!) I think that could turn it into a pretty awesome hole actually.

The only other point is that there's a distinct lack of sidearm shots on the course. Drive on 9 and maybe 3 & 8 (although that would be taken away with a reversed hole which I'd agree with) were pretty much it. At the weekend I thought this lack of variety was an issue but I have to say that since then I've actually appreciated that this in fact adds variety compared to other courses on the Tour that I've played at (which isn't loads in fairness!). However, in terms of development of local players this might be something to think about.

Re: BDGA#7 - The Lancashire Hotshot - 20th/21st June 2015

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2015 10:36 pm
by bruce
13-14 is actually an interesting idea, as it keeps the lefty (sidearm) favouring drive, but adds a righty favouring second. Good shout.

I commented a couple of times that it was a pleasant change to play a course with a small righty bias for a change. There are disproportionately more lefty courses on tour, helping out cheats like Dan ;)

Of course I'd prefer if all courses were balanced...