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Re: My USDGC experience

Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2014 9:07 pm
by Jester
Paul Holden wrote:Any comments on the Hazard rule? Looks like it might be a really good way to set up holes in large fields, e.g. 9 at Croydon or new 14/15 at Burnlaw where if there was a continuous OB line it would be difficult to really know where you have crossed without several spotters. There are a couple of holes on the Mendip full course that might benefit as well. Makes a change from having a single drop zone.
What's the ruling you think would work, mate?

Re: My USDGC experience

Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2014 9:10 pm
by Paul Holden
Play from your lie at a 1 shot penalty. Means you don't need to know where the disc entered the hazard/ob.

Might fit the risk/reward curve better for some holes than just having a set dropzone?

(Think it replaced the previous rule of play from your /previous/ lie at no penalty)

Re: My USDGC experience

Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2014 9:20 pm
by Jester
Ah right, gotcha. Yeah, it might work. I actually wanted to implement the 'play from previous lie if OB' rule on the old Squeaky Bum Causeway, but then it became Squeaky Bum Tunnel and the OB line was no more.

Re: My USDGC experience

Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2014 9:22 pm
by Paul Holden
The advantage with this way is that it keeps the group moving forwards.

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Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2014 10:34 pm
by Charlie Mead
Three under for round two after a first nine of 3 over. Good back nine young man. And really? a -3 to projected score on a hole - that's an albatross in my book!!! Steady again tomorrow - same as - if not better. Proud of you...

Re: My USDGC experience

Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2014 12:11 am
by james
Ok then day number 3 and it started with a nice lie in which was so appreciated. Me and Scott headed out to the course around 10:30ish. But before doing this I had to take my rules official test, such a hassle. I managed a 23/25 and I was off to get a warm up going before my round.

This round was very different to the last one. I felt like I played horrifically but clearly a fee good holes were my saviour. It was up and down and certainly makes for a good story. So here goes.

As you all know it is the start of breast cancer awareness month and the 'throw pink' craze that is sweeping the USDGC. I went one better. As you will see on my Facebook I showed up with my regular hot pink shirt and some brand new bright baby pink shorts (I even had pink pants on). I just wanted to show my support and look damn fine whilst doing it ;)

I started at 13:30 with a group of new friends watching me. Teed off with a. Fuse on one and as it sailed down the fairway to a cry of "your my boy blue!!" From Dick I was sure it was perfect. It clipped off the tree and put me within 7m. Naturally I made the putt for my first two of the tournament. Elation set in. I played another safe par on the second hole and walked away happy. However, for the second round in a row I threw a pathetic shot on 3 ending up a solid 30m into the hazard, this will be rectified tomorrow. I took a 4. I then threw a pants second shot on the fourth after a good drive and ended up with a bogey 5, by no means a disaster but not ideal. For those who don't know anyone who gets a 3 on hole 4 has their photo taken and become famous at USDGC, that's my aim tomorrow. So I walked over to 5 feeling slightly downhearted and my mood was not going to improve as I put my sidewinder just into the water! Luckily I was able to get up with some help and a stick otherwise my round was over, that disc is my talisman. I ended up with a 7 on the hole and I was frustrated to say the least. I came at 6 hoping to avoid losing a disc as I had done yesterday and so I threw a big hyzer bomb well wide of the water and took an easy 3, my first of the round and it felt good. Again the good feeling didn't last long as I missed the mando on the bamboo wall of 7 and then clipped the inside of the gate from the drop zone so left myself with a 8m putt to stay 1 over the 4s (since my projection is 78 I count myself on the 4s). I forced myself to attack the putt more and be confident and I hit it! A good save I told myself. My drive on 8 was close to OB but got lucky, I didn't have too much of a shot so threw a short hyzer shot leaving myself a fairly tricky approach to the basket that was 15m further back today. I gave my aero a bit too much (right in front of Dave Dunipace the man who invented the thing!) and it left me 12m past the basket for par. I was still high on confidence from my last putt and I sent this one crashing into the chains for a well worked par to be proud of. 9 was where it all started to go wrong, I released my drive too early, too low and on too much of a hyzer and it inevitably skipped OB, I was really missing my straight flying red firebird. I put my shot from the drop zone to within 9m with a putt for par but wasn't able to make it on the elevated basket and had to settle for 5. That concluded my front 9 2 over the 4s, not a disaster but by no means a good result on the easier of the two 9s. But I knew that I was stronger on the back than the front and I had a chance still. That chance felt like it was fading fast...

Hole 10 I had driven OB yesterday and so I forced myself to throw a mace nice and soft and lay up to give myself a 90m shot to the basket over the OB. In classic fashion I misjudged it and fell short by less than a foot, I was far from happy but put my re-throw 10m away and walked off muttering to myself about being a general dick. I got to my putt, lined it up in a few seconds and sunk it. No celebrations were made, it was only a 5 but I felt the round was slipping through my fingers with all these OBs. 11 is still my nemesis and I started much like yesterday with a good drive up the middle, although it flirted with the OB in the right the sidewinder flew straight and true and came to rest 130m up the fairway. After a string of bogeys I felt as though I needed a birdie to get back on track. Bad move, I went for the shot and ended up OB. We'll not talk too much about the next shot since I threw my gator OB again due to the steep slope of the basket rests on. Voice again I stepped up to my disc 13m out from the basket and drained a huge putt without even a smile crossing my face. I was putting like a monster but it seemed to be making no difference when they were for 5s and 6s. So we come to hole 12, the only real chance on the course to launch a tee shot with no repercussions, and so I did. It got a decent distance and I was able to put my second to within an aviars length of the basket. I messed up the approach a bit but nailed another 9m putt for my 4 on a 900ft hole and I felt the winds were changing. Next up was the dreaded 888, a hole that I felt I had played well this week. True to form I put my drive in bounds and my second got a bit lucky but left me with a hyzer bomb chance for a birdie. The trusty Viper came out of the bag and sure enough I was able to 'hyper the viper' to within 2 ft of the pin! A great birdie for my projection since I'm projected a 7 on the hole (although I feel that's a bit harsh but I guess some people may struggle on the hole ;) ). I moved onto 14, a hole I thought I should be getting a birdie on and it was SO close but the headwind flexed my DD2 a bit too much and I ended up OB on the road. I took my 4 and walked away knowing I was +5 on the 4s and in need of some 3s. 15 was next a tricky par 4 but one I had taken a 3 on every time I had played it. Typically I threw a few bad shots and ended up with a 5, the round was really slipping from my grasp as I was +6, level with what my projection was still with 17, my nemesis to come. I came to 16 knowing I needed a 3 and as I released the sidewinder it felt good, real good. True to the feeling it drifted all the way down to the pin and left me a 6m putt for two, I MADE IT! And suddenly I was at +4. So here we go on 17, I'm up first and I take out the aero. I'm feeling a bit sick inside knowing what could come but I release it with some height and some turn and it looks like jesters advice was perfect as it's heading straight for the chains! Sadly it passes just under the bucket but gives me 4ft for back to back 2s! And I make the putt. Incidentally I'm lucky I went first because the guy after me missed the landing zone twice, then missed again trying to lay up, then missed twice from his lay up spot and took a 15. That would have psyched me out. With only 18 to go I was +2 needing only a 4 for a round of -4. Unfortunately it wasn't to be and I left with a 5 but such is life. A round of 75 and -3 to my projection felt amazing from where I was after hole 11.

The story of my round was that those long putts, even for 5s and 6s were still very important in the grand scheme of things. The bad holes were a mix of bad decisions and bad throwing but I know now to be more conservative on the holes I'm struggling on and hopefully I can deliver something good tomorrow. Both of my rounds I know I have not even come close to my best and so I'm hoping to improve and hit a -7/-8 tomorrow and jump into the top 10. But hey, I can't complain with 3 2s in a round can I?

I'm off now to go and watch my first baseball game as the Kansas City Royals are into the American Series! Whatever the hell that means it's all basically nonsense I just heard about wings and beer so I'm in!

I'll end this one as I have done the last two and just let you all know that the support you guys give me is amazing and once again I really appreciate it. Team GB represent you're my inspiration!
Peace out xx

Re: My USDGC experience

Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2014 6:36 am
by andrewdouse
Great comeback James, keep going and it WILL come together!
Is it true someone took a 9 on 17, with the 9th shot being from tee to chains? It was vaguely mentioned in the dgptv commentary.

Re: My USDGC experience

Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2014 7:35 am
by BaggerBlakehill
First off, well done for bringing it back and for some great putts however Jester's words were definitely ringing in my ears while I read this.

After watching the live coverage of round 2 of the lead card though, I'd like to share something I realised yesterday after watching Nikko Locastro have his usual melt down - You will NEVER get a 2nd opportunity to correct an error and get that stroke back but you will get MANY more opportunities to make the same and new errors!

I'm sure someone, somewhere in history has written similar words but for me this was a real lightbulb moment.

I wish you luck for round 3 man and look forward to reading the next instalment

Re: My USDGC experience

Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2014 12:20 pm
by Jester
Nice work, Jim! A bird on #17? You get an attaboy for that! Defending Champ Brinster took an 11 there yesterday. :shock:

Great stuff improving your score in the second round, even if it didn't feel that way at the time. As PDGA#100 John Kirkland said earlier today on the live coverage: 'It doesn't matter if you just took a 2 or a 7, golf rewards the next shot'.

Stay focussed and good luck for R3!

Re: My USDGC experience

Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2014 12:36 pm
by Jester
andrewdouse wrote:Great comeback James, keep going and it WILL come together!
Is it true someone took a 9 on 17, with the 9th shot being from tee to chains? It was vaguely mentioned in the dgptv commentary.
Was just confirmed on the TV coverage now someone did go tee to basket on #17, but it was for a 9. Didn't catch the player name.

Re: My USDGC experience

Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2014 12:38 pm
by james
Yes Andrew it's true about the 9 and the hold in one. I saw it happen, the guy was a mixture of fury and happiness he didn't quite know what to do!

Re: My USDGC experience

Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2014 11:49 pm
by james
Day 4:

I'll first recap the baseball game of last night. It was boring, enough said. Ha.

The day started like all the other, a casual breakfast and a bit if mental preparation before heading out to the course. Despite perfect still conditions on the first two days it was due to be a windy rainy afternoon. The wind was apparent as soon as we turned up and it was fairly strong, but with no clouds in sight I dismissed the possibility of rain. I was on a card with Thad, someone I had played with before and a top guy. And two new faces, Doug and Cory. The wind was really blowing by the time we started and I had a few thoughts in the back of my head about what that brutal stretch from 9-14 was going to be like but I had to brush them aside for now. I started brightly on 1 placing my drive within 7m but unlike yesterday I couldn't hit the putt and took a 3. The same was true for 2 where I had 7m for my par and again missed low, I was not a happy bunny. Things picked up a bit at the third when I took my first 3 of the tournament and finally threw the hole properly! Hole 4 was when the difference in the early round hit me, the dew on the grass was making the discs skip a bit more than usual and I skipped OB left by a matter of inches. Frustrating but I took my medicine and walked away with the 5. So level 3s going into hole 5 with a howling cross wind as we threw across the water. I played safe with a hyzer bomb way out to the right that landed nicely in the middle of the fairway. I then threw two pretty poor shots leaving me with a choice of throwing a hyzer over the trees that may make the basket or playing round them and taking a bogey 6. I fancied myself to make the hyzer shot and executed it brilliantly (Thad caught it on tape) and I was parked for par. 6+7 were fairly uneventful, I layer up safe on my drive on both in order to take the 3, nice and easy. I decided on 8 to 'club down' as it were and throw a mid range to give myself more space for the second shot and it worked managing an easy tap in par. I took the same option on 9 and put my second 13m away but with the raised basket didn't fancy the putt and so laid up for the easy par again. A solid front 9 left me 1 under the 4s, but I was concerned that I hadn't made a putt outside 5m in the two opportunities that arose.

The second 9 started brightly, again opting to throw a mid range and lay up off the tee I put my second on the elevated platform for an easy tap in birdie on a hole that had given me a fair bit of trouble. It felt good. Then came my two nemesis holes, 11+12. I played my first two shots on 11 very conservatively and gave myself a 50m upshot for the 4. I couldn't quite execute it and ended up 10 short with a tricky downhill put which was inevitably missed, but I was happy with a 5 (Mcbeth took a 7). 12 I played really well and was within 30m after my second but a gust of wind picked up my attempted lay up and sent me over the ridge leaving an 8m uphill putt for the 4. Again I missed. But still not too disappointed, (he took an 8 on this one). And so along came 888, I'd played it well over the week managing a par and a birdie and I started in the same style playing two great shots to leave me with a 60/70m hyzer to the pin. This was where it went badly as I pulled my first attempt right into the parking lot and then on the re-throw skipped OB left. Finally I made the shot and took a very frustrating 8 to leave myself +4 to the 4s. Then the rain came. And oh boy did it come, I wasn't best pleased but had to keep going, the wind hadn't really affected me up until this point but it really hit me now as I drove into the hazard short on the left on 14 and had to settle for a 4. Then a calamitous bit of play on 15 left me with a putt through the trees for 5 which clipped a tree and missed, a +2 six was all I could achieve. This was when it went bad. 16, a short 130m par 3 that I had birdied the round before. I pulled my drive OB right trying to do too much and then couldn't quite bend it round the tree and ended up in the hazard left. I missed the putt and again had a six. At +8 to the 4s I knew I had to do something to not shoot over my projection. I took out my aero on the tee of 17 (incidentally i got Dave Dunipace to sign it, such a legend). And Dave's signature gave it some power to land 10m from the basket, finally I had a birdie chance. And in a difficult downwind position I made my first real putt of the day to take the 2 and move back to level with my projection. I played my first two shots on 18 and left myself a tricky hyzer round the trees to the basket. Sadly it came in too early and I was just OB so had to settle for a 6 and +2 to my projection.

This round was really frustrating as I felt like I was on fire after hole 12 but 888 really ruined my round as it has done for so many in the past. I finished 8,4,6,6,2,6. It wasn't pretty but could have been worse I guess. I guess the difference was that I couldn't make my putts today, on another day it could have all been so different. Such is life.

After the round I set out to watch a bit of golf after a wind down but didn't follow the lead group. I saw Paul have a melt down, I think we all saw the chair incident, a load of footbag in my opinion. But then headed out to watch Simon and Ken Climo. Ken was magnificent to watch, even though he didn't have the best round it was still a joy to behold the master at work. After the round I got a chance to speak to a few of the guys and was pleasantly surprised that Ken was such a nice guy but what stood out for me was Will Schusterick. He is a really nice guy and seemed really interested in the British Disc Golf scene. He seemed quite keen to come over to England some time and play so let's hope that becomes a possibility!

I start tomorrow at -2 and am 9 off the top 10 and an automatic invite next year. I feel there is only one thing left to do. Attack. I know there is a 65 out there for me and I'm only here for one more round so I plan to start attacking the course and looking for the birdies where they're possible. The plan is still to take pars on the more difficult holes but I'm no longer going to be aiming for my up shots to the par 4s to be there or there abouts. I want them in the circle. This will most likely go one of two ways but I don't want to leave with any regrets about not having given it everything I've got. Tomorrow will either be glorious or I'll have a bad one, either way I'll know I left it all out on the course.

A number of hellos to say to people. Father Dave Dunipace says hey as does Nate Doss.
And Ken sends his regards to Derek, Jester, Dad and Rich Sampson if he ever reads this, though I doubt it!

Anyone on Facebook check out the GB disc golf flag they made for us, I uploaded the photo and I thought it was really cool.
Have a good one guys and rip Burnlaw up, c'mon QP!

Re: My USDGC experience

Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2014 11:54 pm
by james
Wow, it changed the word I wrote to wasn't even a bad word. What's the world coming too.

Re: My USDGC experience

Posted: Sat Oct 04, 2014 12:36 am
by Steve
Tldr. Steve swear filter ftw. :)

Best of luck for the rest of the event James. :)

Re: My USDGC experience

Posted: Sat Oct 04, 2014 11:21 am
by Jester
Another great report, james. Sounds like Winthrop is demanding the best you can give it. With all that rope out there it really is just a small skip on the wrong side that can swing a whole round.

Can you elaborate on the chair incident pls? Only know what's reported here and that doesn't say much.

Thanks very much for passing on Kenny's hellos. If you see him around again, pls do ask him on my behalf, 'Where's the biff?' (spelling important!).

Good luck for r4. Go and gie it laldy, hope you bust open the top10. Oh, and if there's any chance you can video some of the distance driving over the lake please that would be amazing! Double G cleared it with an Aviar two years ago, see if you can get him to do that again!

Re: My USDGC experience

Posted: Sat Oct 04, 2014 11:59 am
by james
Ok with regards to the chair. Paul throws his drive on 11 and it looks like it's going OB over the hedge on the right. Luckily it has the distance to get past the line of the hedge and lands up next to the big tree where a spotter has left his chair. Really the spotters chair should never be left in an in bounds area but there you go. Paul comes to his disc and, being Paul, decides not to just move the chair like most people would but to check if it's withink the rules that he can. They call an official back at the club house but I don't really know if it was explained properly. Essentially the decision is that because the chair was there at the start of the round it becomes part of the course and he can't move it.
Completely insane. However, they let him move a bottle that's resting in the cup holder of the chair which was my issue, why move the bottle but not the chair? The other problem was that they wouldn't let him throw a provisional, one shot with the chair and then one without, and play out the hole from both lies. It was completely ridiculous since I imagine someone like Brown would have just kicked the chair out of the way as soon as he got to it!

Re: My USDGC experience

Posted: Sat Oct 04, 2014 4:20 pm
by bruce
James, I think you were looking for this:

Re: My USDGC experience

Posted: Sun Oct 05, 2014 12:46 am
by james
Here we go with my final days report.

My round was the least important thing of the day really. Let's just say it wasn't fun. That wasn't because of a bad score. It just wasn't a fun round. I found myself playing with an old guy who really was a miserable custard cream. I'm sure Steves thing will change that word for sure! He spent the round mumbling and moaning about his game and then gave me a warning for tapping the yellow band of the basket after hole 5. I was completely baffled. But I guess I let the negative vibes get to me. But karmic justice got to him in the end as he shot a 102. Highlights of my round included 2s on 3+17 again. Lows were losing my DD2 and my viper on hole 5, it didn't help my mood really.

Anyway, after I finished I headed over to 5 where the top open card were teeing off. I went round with them and saw the ups and downs that saw Paul, Patrick and clear fans favourite John E leading. It was amazing to watch, mostly because it is nice to see that even these guys take 7s and 8s on this course, it's unavoidable! With a few holes to play John E made his charge and took a 4 shot lead going into 17. Instead of laying up and taking a definite 4 he decided to drive it, and miss, and drive it again, and miss, and again, and miss. Finally he made it by about 1 inch and was throwing 8, he missed his putt and took a 9. Meanwhile Paul took a 2 and Will a 3 to tie the lead at -20. So we go to 18 and the drives are all on the fairway with Johns miles up past the Mando tree. He needed both Paul and Will to take a bogey if he took his 3. Paul throws OB. Will makes the sensible choice to lay up short and try to take his 4 for the win. John parks his second and is in for bird as Will leaves his winning putt 18ft down the hill, nothing for him. But he missed! John makes his and we have a 3 way playoff again on 18. All 3 drives land nice with will being furthest up the fairway. John throws OB and is more than likely out of it. Paul gets a bit lucky and the tree drops him the right side of OB, will again leaves himself an uphill putt for the win this time only 12ft. Again he misses!! Paul and Will go to hole 1 where Paul puts it 9m long and will is within 5. 'Gimmes' some of the crowd say. But Paul looks nervous, and rightly so as he hits the right side and drops out leaving will 5m to win. Surely he can't miss again. And he doesn't disappoint straight in the middle. He's mobbed by friends and family as a cheer goes up. Personally I was really happy with the result. John would have been a great champ but Will is such a down to earth nice guy where Paul seemed very distant and,well, not fun I guess. So in my opinion the best person won.

The distance showcase was fun to watch but the guys were given some ultra flippy discs which kind of ruined it. Germ got his in the basket, the first one ever to go in, but most were unimpressive since the discs were not really suited to throwing distance in the way that they were throwing. But it was a good laugh. A highlight was Paige being the first one to get it over the water on her very first throw. So we moved onto the prize giving. It was emotional.

The prestigious Golden Rake was given to Dale (his last name sadly escapes me) who unfortunately passed away this year but was a great representative for disc golf and the USDGC and did so much for the sport. His wife gave a very touching speech about the tournament. Following that it was Paige who came out on top in the performance flight to be the first ever female winner, and congratulations to her. And finally the open. A dejected Paul McBeth gave a short speech in which he was clearly gutted about losing and really had no words for the occasion. He handed over to John E who touchingly thanked his wife and all his fans, claiming that he would hold his head high. And rightly so, the man was brilliant! Finally Will Schuestrick came up to accept the trophy for the third time and really have me some inspiration. He spoke about his experiences with the tournament since he was 15, and how it had been a tough year for him on tour and I was really struck by what a genuine nice guy he is. A worthy champion.

I've learned a lot this week about my game and myself. I've met a lot of awesome people that I won't forget and I've been stunned and touched by the support from everyone back home it really has been awesome. I'm inspired to keep getting better and to come back next year and progress even further if I can!
Tomorrow I'll head out to the course for the last time to see if I can get any of my discs back (fingers crossed). After that I fly up to Indiana to see my brother and enjoy a week of relaxing.
That's all from me I guess
I'll see you all some time soon and I'll regail you with stories of crazy holes!

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Posted: Sun Oct 05, 2014 7:00 pm
by Jester
Thanks for the final round up, James. Unlucky your final round didn't go the other way for you, but hope you can get some of your plastic back. Thanks for sharing your stories, it's be great fun following them.

ANd what a final and play off! Just been catching up on it here

Re: My USDGC experience

Posted: Sun Oct 05, 2014 10:56 pm
by Jester
Big Jerm sinks one across the lake in the distance exhibition