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2013 Awards

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2013 9:32 am
by bruce
Nominations please for Contribution to the game & Spirit of the game

Spirit and Contribution are Roll of Honour lists and cannot be won twice

This is the permanent list of winners to be updated annually

Contribution to the Game
2012: Neil Webber
2011: Rich Wood
2010: Charlie Mead
2009: Chris O'Brien
2008: Sue & Ivan
2007: Jester Wilson
2006: Del Robins
2005: Jonny Potts
2004: Bud Tilton

Spirit of the Game
2012: Tom Lowes
2011: Dan Ryan & Gary O'Malley
2010: Rich Hatton
2009: Rick Rick Murphy
2008: Chris O'Brien
2007: Ben Bruce
2006: Fernando Brown
2005: Nige Williams
2004: Angus Bruce

Re: 2013 Awards

Posted: Fri Oct 04, 2013 3:29 pm
by Del
I'd like to nominate Matt Cutler for Contribution - I guess the most visible fruits of his labour are the Bristol courses and tournaments, but he pops up in lots of places, helping people who want to establish courses, helping with Kilbroney tournament and taking part in promotional events such as the Scouts event which meant that he missed the QP Open. Some activities may be on a paid basis, but I don't think you could say he's in it for the money, he wants the sport to grow and is doing more than most to help that happen.

There are some great contenders for spirit,and it's tough to narrow it down, but I have to nominate Jon Tweed, he laughs more (and certainly louder!) than anyone else on the tour, and is always ready with some good banter. I have to mention Neal Clifton - surely the most enthusiastic player and rarely without a smile on his face.

Re: 2013 Awards

Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2013 8:59 pm
by Charlie Mead
There doesn't appear to be any thread about best tournament yet. And a certain lack of opinion on the Contribution and Spirit awards - apart from Del. So a case needs to be made...
Let's start a debate.....
There are a range of criteria that players can use to vote for all the awards.

The Contribution award should go to the person who has made a consistent and lengthy effort to develop and promote Disc Golf. The candidates are running out as most of the original contributors have already won the award. So we need to look to younger and more recent converts who have made an impact in the last few years due to effort and commitment. As Del has said Matt Cutler qualifies as does Phil Wood and others.

Spirit comes in many guises. Del's nomination of Tweedy is spot on, but then there are the Australians and South Africans, Americans and Cornish men and women who have turned up and made tournaments this year a new pleasure to attend. And then there is Sam Stephens.

The award for Tournament of the Year has generally been won by the largest attended events of the year - larger events attract larger funds and more facilities and rewards. Essex and Croydon would be expected to win this year just down to attendees who vote. But I would like to pose another option. A debate from those that attended the smaller events to recognise the efforts made to improve on past years.

As TD at Mull it may seem conceited to promote this event but I would like you all to consider what we have achieved over the past three years and especially this year. A full, new design format for maps and signs and the revamped website courtesy of Nige Williams and Disc Zoo; tee mats on the whole course - thanks to James, Tom Lowes, Sam Stephens and the Mull crew; an increase of over 100% in attendance from 2010 even though that is still under that of the late 1990's; and a weekend of sun and fun on the most beautiful course on the tour.

It is possible for you to vote for events that you did not attend. Listen to those that made the trip. To recognise the efforts of players who made the Northern Flights this year - Mull, Glasgow and Burnlaw - is to recognise the efforts of all those that made it happen - Chris O'B, Garry V-S, myself and James and Maggi.

Lets have an interesting debate!!

Re: 2013 Awards

Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2013 9:03 pm
by Charlie Mead
And what of the comedy moment of 2013 - must be some great stories out there?

Re: 2013 Awards

Posted: Fri Oct 18, 2013 8:29 am
by rhatton1
Del wrote:I'd like to nominate Matt Cutler for Contribution -
This ^^

Re: 2013 Awards

Posted: Wed Oct 23, 2013 10:16 am
by bruce
Massive congratulations to all our 2013 award winners:
Open Division Champion – Dan Ryan
Amateur Champion – Paul Stoddart
Womens Champion – Sue Underwood
Tournament Director of the Year – Paul Cooper, Essex
Contribution to the Sport – Sophie Southgate and Chris Rowlands, Essex
Spirit of the Sport – Paul Stoddart
Most improved – Steve Cox, Cornwall

Re: 2013 Awards

Posted: Wed Oct 23, 2013 11:25 am
by Del
Great haul of awards for Essex, but sadly no representatives from that area at the Awards Dinner, so I have 4 pieces of glassware to pass on. If anyone can help deliver these awards to the intended recipients, please get in touch with me.

Re: 2013 Awards

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2013 11:19 am
by Hopper
I assume you are open this week, if so might well have a trip up for a round if weather remains ok. Unfortunately this is the first year myself and Soph have missed the Nationals as she didnt finish work until 4 on the friday and 400 miles up the M11, A14 and A1 was not appealling especially with the first couple through rush hour. Would love to play the course but looks like same in March unless somehow she can get a day off, which for school teachers is highly unlikely. Will be in touch this week. :D