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2014 League

Posted: Sun Nov 24, 2013 1:40 pm
by Sky
Hey folks,

Here's the plan so far! As this is my first time organising a league assume it will somewhat of an organic process!

Slight change to the days this is running, the majority of the 'Quaich Tour' Events will be on a sat which is goin to conflict, also the very first date co-insides with the league start, so moved to a sunday!

Start date - Sun 2nd March
End date - Sun 21th Sept

30 week league! Mucho golfo!

As we have players of varying skill level this will be handicapped until such time as we have enough ppl to split out into divisions.

I suggest we all chip in £10 each for the year, this will be used to pay for prizes, trophies etc.

The over all league winners will be based on the total strokes of your ten best rounds - this ensures every one is in with a good chance of winning, and also means if you miss a few weekends through work or playing in tournaments away from home! Etc. Youre still in the running!

Questions, comments, suggestions!! All welcome!!


Re: 2014 League

Posted: Thu Dec 05, 2013 8:06 am
by Sky
Players so far.

Joel pomphret
Parky parks
Pie brown
Alun Craig
Colin McKay
Gavidor Campbell's
Frazer Johnson
Russell Mathews
Denis O'Kane
Ian pedian
Chris O'Neill
Jonathan Farrell
Peter bowman
Jonathan Coleman
Rory Curran
Graham Robbie

Excellent early interest! If your not on the list please post a reply to add your name.