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Ideas for DG development, good news stories, requests for help etc
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BDGA Website

Post by Del » Tue Dec 04, 2012 7:21 pm

We have lots of ideas on the development mindmap ... 81?rel=url
and Bruce has suggested that I take a lead in fleshing out and moving forward some of the ideas in the Profile Raising branch of the map. This includes the website. So, what might we add, and who can help with realising the ideas? Obviously, we do have Rich Wood (BDGA Communications) and Nige Williams (Webmaster) who have a big part to play in all this. I'm just trying to facilitate, and will happily step off any toes that I might have stood on!

I think it was Westy who suggested profiles, and I would be keen to see a page with BDGA members listed, with BDGA number, PDGA number, club, location, current rating, link to PDGA rating detail, link to PDGA rating history, optionally 2 photos: head shot and action shot, optionally a brief bio of the player.

** Q. Anything else that we should be including?
** Q. Any legal experts out there to comment on how we gather/keep/display the data and what permissions might be required? The bits that I haven't flagged as optional are pretty much what PDGA makes available without any special written permission. The optional stuff would be e-mailed by the player, so seems like implicit consent to put on website, as long as we indicate how it will be used.
The photos would be a useful resource for attaching to any articles that might be written by or about that member.

** This needs to be a database application, so who has skills in database web applications? Westy? Jon Lee? Nige? Anyone else?

I think we also need the Tournament Players Guide, and Tournament Directors Guide to be resurrected (think maybe Bruce was working on this)

Resurrect the contacts and links to clubs, perhaps each club could also have a profile

Perhaps an FAQ section - preceded by a summary of disc golf activity which would answer many of the questions that I freqently hear
When did it start
How many courses
How many players


The above is all relatively static information, the news part of the website will come later.

The plan is therefore: decide on what data to collect; collect the data; develop database-web applications where applicable; decide who will update the website; grant access where required; publish the data.
Derek Robins
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Re: BDGA Website

Post by Nige » Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:38 pm

I'm more than happy for oars to be dipped and toes to be trodden. The web site's on the to-do list...

There's a grand plan to integrate the forum with the BDGA site, then customising it with membership details so there's a proper centralised database of players. All forum users will have a web site profile, and vice versa, with different access rights to their own profiles, ability to edit the site, membership admin etc. We can assign players to groups (clubs) as well. We need to know exactly what information the BDGA want to gather from players/users, though I would be hesitant to put up too detailed a profile for players, or a big list of members. We can differentiate between what is publicly viewable, what the player can access to and edit (addresses, phone numbers etc) and what the admin can edit (renewal dates dates, membership types etc)

I've already put a document archive on there, but not published it as the documents I had were woefully out of date. I think public documents should have consistent look to them, rather than a hodge podge of Word documents... templated pdfs are the way forward. Either all documents go through the same person, and public documents are created using the same software, or we look at setting an Acrobat template up that can be used to create documents... the former is easier to set up, the latter better for consistency.

My main concern is the content creation. I can build it, but need backup on the content - I just haven't got the time to keep the whole thing tip top up to date. Rich has login details at the moment, although it's not the most user-friendly of interfaces. That's being addressed in the new site.

On design and functionality fronts, the new site will be fully mobile-friendly, touchy-swipey, scaling on mobile devices from landscape/portait modes, and I've got plenty of tricks up my trouser legs to incorporate feeds, tweets and facebooks. That's all 'free' content and makes the overall site feel bigger.

It's great to see this push on development, and I'm well aware that the web site is the public face of disc golf in the UK, so I'll go balls out on the site when I start developing it! The scripts are now up to date so that it's ready for the big push...

Few thoughts there... anything else for the wishlist..?

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Re: BDGA Website

Post by LostMeow » Fri Dec 07, 2012 1:55 pm

Re: documents/content, I am very happy to write and/or edit copy.

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