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Posted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 12:08 am
by robbnot
with the onset of winter wind is inevitable, so i've been throwing my over stable discs into the head winds which seems to work with the occasional one turning over and going way off,
i'm thinking that on that basis an under stable disc is good for tail winds..
for putts in the wind i leave my magnet in me bag and get out the Roc or Buzzz

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Posted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 3:51 pm
by rhatton1
Have a look at Bruces' stickied post, how a golf disc flies, it talks about this briefly.

Bear in mind that nose angle becomes much more important in the wind. Throwing nose up into a head wind is a recipe for disaster. Same goes for nose up with a tail wind as it will just push your disc down to the ground, get the nose down and an understable disc up high with a tailwind and watch it fly for miles (ish)!

When it comes to putting into a wind a good tip I got back in the day from Matt Cutler was getting more spin but less speed into the disc so it will glide towards the basket. The extra spin will help it cut through the air on a straight line and the slower airspeed should stop it turning over (see Bruces post for the physics).

A tailwind will push your disc down so aim a little higher than normal.

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Posted: Sat Nov 23, 2013 11:55 pm
by Paul Holden
Also try throwing your mid-range discs for downwind shots, or even putters. Depending on the disc they can suffer much less from being "pushed down" as they need less speed to glide.

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Posted: Sun Nov 24, 2013 9:23 pm
by Sky
I've found these little tips useful.

Headwind - makes disc under stable and rise - solution - throw over stable disc with hyzer angle low - like a hyzer flip

Tailwind - makes disc more over stable and get beat down - hyzer flip an under stable disc with a bit more height.

Left to right - makes anhyzer (rhbh) catch wind and 'sail' - makes hyzer drop like a bomb.

Right to left - reverse the above.

Mixture of wind - mix the above.

Solution to all - find a windy day a field and chuck your bag up and down see what happens and compensate... A lot!

2 months later and I'm still struggling :-P

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Posted: Sun Nov 24, 2013 9:32 pm
by Sky
Should also say the hyzer angle isn't necessary, but if you want a line drive with fade at the end that's the best way I've found to get it, if you have room use the wind to your favour and just adjust your aim.

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Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2013 12:35 am
by robbnot
Thanks, 8)

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Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 11:39 am
by BaggerBlakehill
I too would like to echo the thanks for these tips as like Robb I'm just now starting to learn what does what in the wind. Up until now I've only worked out that if I want my discs to act 'normally' I throw highspeed discs into head winds and lowspeed discs into tail winds. Russell Westwood was then trying to explain the next phase of compexity surrounding the use of overstable and understable discs in certain conditions however this was a little too much for my small brain at this point :oops:
As Sky pointed out though, my best way to learn is to simply get out in the wind, chuck plastics and see what happens which is what I intend to do very shortly

p.s. Did anyone else see the name of Robb's thread and wonder if this might be a curry related issue??? :wink: