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News from the North Eastern England Disc Golf scene:

Burnlaw are forming a club called the Burnlaw Disc Golf Collective.

It's £20 per year to be a member or £5 per day. Always contact someone at Burnlaw in advance. http://www.burnlaw.org.uk

We are applying for funding to build a small 'clubhouse' where the old pizza oven currently stands. It will be a cross between a shed and a cabin. This aims to be a starting point for visitors to see the course map, pick up a score card and a disc, sit in it and think 'wow, we actually have a club house'.

The course layout is still the same but it will evolve over the coming years due to resident behaviour in particular areas and opportunities to utilise new areas.

We hope to develop a family course in the orchard within the next 12 months.

There is a Facebook group for active members and day visitors which is used to let other players know when you're heading out and share stories and scores. Burnlaw Disc Golf Collective.

The main Facebook group in the region, which includes most Burnlaw outings, is North East England Disc Golf. We are going to form a club soon and are planning to have a website http://www.NEEDiscGolf.co.uk
The vision is for there to be 'nee disc golf' nee longer on tyneside and the north east because we neediscgolf!

Some of our new recruits from summer 2013 are becoming established players and we hope to see them again at the spring snow bow in April and on other tour events.

Rick Rick has gone AWOL... again. Last time he came back as Mick Jagger, the time before that he was Superman. I hoping for the Jedward look next, or even better - Dolly Parton!

And finally, on Sunday night Apolo Creed (aka Carl Weathers) was spotted hanging out and looking cool on the Millennium bridge on the Quayside. Not really related but he's an inspiration to us all!
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