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Oxdisc summer league is go!

Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2007 3:48 pm
by TheGroover
hi all,
It's time. The clocks went forward (a detail I forgot until late on Sunday morning).

Which means..... The Oxdisc Summer League is go!

Similar rules to last year:

1. Rounds played on Wednesday or Sunday, with at least two Oxdisc players, can be submitted to me.
2. You can submit a maximum of two rounds per day (ie 2 on Wed, and another 2 on Sunday) - but they must be from different courses)
3. The best 10 rounds count to your score (NB - FIVE rounds from each park MUST be included in the score)
4. Your handicap is based on last year's scores.
5. If you have no handicap yet, it'll be based on predictions made on the bottom of a teacup, or some other non-scientific estimate
6. Bring friends - I will attribute bonus scores for people who introduce more players.
7. Scores will be updated weekly on the oxdisc blog:
8. My decision is final. Although beer and crisps will be an easy way to bribe me.
9. The competition runs until the clocks go back again
10. Cost? A whopping two pounds for players who get more than 10 rounds.

Bring it on!