CADS WEEK - August 8th & 9th

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CADS WEEK - August 8th & 9th

Post by dunc » Thu May 10, 2007 3:04 pm

Two years ago Nigel, myself and a few others helped out and coached Disc Golf during the "Children's Active and Disabled Sports week" run by the Royal School for Deaf Children in Manchester. The kids enjoyed it so much that we have been asked if we could coach Disc Golf again at this year's event.

As I did two years ago, I am willing to co-ordinate everything and will be at the school both of the days, Nigel has also agreed to help out again.

All I need from you................. Is

A few more willing and able volunteers, because the Kids come round in groups of around 30, ideally we would need four golfers each day, so if you could volunteer for one or both days that would be fantastic!

6-8 Skillshots, If anybody could lend me a skillshot or two for the week, it would be appreciated!

50 or so.... (preferably light) Sharks/midrange and putters

The Treasurerrer..... hic!

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