Hyzer Cup 2013-2014 Second Leg

Winter Doubles and one off doo's.
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Hyzer Cup 2013-2014 Second Leg

Post by LostMeow » Fri Mar 07, 2014 1:11 pm

The second leg of the Hyzer Cup 2013-2014 will be held at Lloyd Park, Croydon on:

Sunday 14th September EDIT - no, it isn't. Extra, extra apologies for any confusion. I thought we had agreed the date but we haven't. It remains unscheduled.

Details to follow, I guess.
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Re: Hyzer Cup 2013-2014 Second Leg

Post by rhatton1 » Fri Mar 07, 2014 1:54 pm

Right in between the QP Open and Cyclone?

Doesn't seem the best date with so many others to choose from.
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Re: Hyzer Cup 2013-2014 Second Leg

Post by LostMeow » Fri Mar 07, 2014 2:15 pm

I apologise for any inconvenience it causes. As I say, there were scheduling issues.

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Re: Hyzer Cup 2013-2014 Second Leg

Post by Mark.A.D » Sun Jul 20, 2014 9:34 pm

The story of my singles match ups

After losing my doubles match for the third time in the hyzer cup, i was once again enraged and motivated to repent for my sins.

After being bumped from our intended starting hole of 16, we moved on to hole 13 where myself, Chris Ronalds and Neal Clifton were joined by the junior match between Marko and Scott.
Hole 13
I start with a very nice looking drive, turning over nicely, crashes through a tree slowing it down perfectly and landing a few metres away. Chris fades his sidearm early into the big tree on the right, Neal follows him into the tree, I tell them to run it anyway and they both go close but just miss, I step up and ching. 1 up on Chris, 1 up on Neal.
Hole 14
My “giant anhyzer” turns quickly into a backhand roller into the tree on the right of the gap and stops, Chris and Neal drive nicely through the gap, my lie isn’t great and can only scramble to the basket for 4, Chris and Neal approach well and take 3s. AS Chris, AS Neal
Hole 15
Chris puts his drive just past the tree on the left hand side and Neal drives within 10 metres, my drive is poor and requires something special, my run for 2 is close but wide, they both hit long puts for the hole. Chris 1 up, Neal 1 up.
Hole 16
Chris has to apologise to Neal for spotting his shot that hits the first tree on the right, My drive is big but on the left side of the fairway, Neal also has a poor shot crashing on the left and does again with his second shot. Chris puts his second up behind the mando tree and my second is just past. Neal puts his third by the mando tree and when i’m turned around, slams the chains from 40 metres for a 4. I’m up and can’t make a long putt but make the 4, Chris is in for 5. AS Chris, Neal 1 up
Hole 17
Neal turns his drive a bit and is wide right, I’m up keen not to turn my drive over again and proceed to land 1 pace outside of Neals CTP that he had claimed earlier, about 6/7 metres out. Chris drives more than 10 metres out but makes another monster putt for 2, Neal approaches and I can my putt for 2. AS Chris, AS Neal.
Hole 18
I rip a mid down the middle but just fading into the edge of the trees on the left, Chris fades before the green and Neal is close on the green, I go for the 2, hitting the yellow band for my 3, Chris approaches poorly and takes a 4, Neal I think missed the putt for 2. 1 up on Chris, AS Neal.
Hole 1
Neal is very close off the tee and unknown to me, Chris is too, pressure on so I naturally slam into the trees on the left and scramble a 4, they hole their 2s. AS Chris, Neal 1 up.
Hole 2
Neal up and his drive turns over after the first mando and rolls, he does a happy dance as he sees it ramp off the second mando passing it on the correct side, Chris drives nicely again and my drive again turns too early and misses the second mando. My re-tee lands after the second mando on the correct side but i’m already too far behind on the hole to recover. Chris 1 up, Neal 2 up.
Hole 3
Neal drives past the basket fading away and Chris lands just in the brambles on the right. My sidearm drive hits the second mando and leaves me quite short. I approach excellently and leave my opponents with long putts, which they both miss and we all take 3. Chris 1 up, Neal 2 up
Hole 4
Neal drives big and straight, I stunningly wormburn my sidearm and Chris sidearms into the tree on the left. I rip a mid down the fairway, turning over and down to the edge of the trees. Chris chips out and ends up with a 5, Neal approaches well for a 4, I miss my short putt for 4 and take a 5. Chris 1 up, Neal 3 up.
Hole 5
Chris and Neal both park the hole so again with pressure on I throw OB on the left. I concede the hole there and then, they were close enough. Chris 2 up, Neal 4 up.
Hole 6
I’m feeling pretty down by this point and nearly willing to give up so on the tee Chris explains of how he had hoped to be in the situation of 3 down with 4 to play just so he could chase it back to win the match, the best I could be at that point would have been 1 up so I tell him i’ll do what I can.
Neal spotting and rules Chris not past the mando yet but on the wrong side. I put my drive just past the same mando on the correct side and Neal drives up the middle and short, Chris has to chip out and play up for a 4, my bending approach turns into a run for the 2 but misses, Neal missed his putt for 3 and I gain up unexpected hole. Chris 1 up, Neal 3 up.
Hole 7
I send a sidearm nicely out to fade back into the open path, Chris’s turn to wormburn a sidearm and Neal’s intention to “throw an anhyzer that makes sure to fade” goes limp and becomes a short hyzer into the open, Chris with the long approach finds the OB comfortably and Neal bombs his approach over the trees to give him a long uphill putt for 3. After again approaching short on this hole and watching Chris and both juniors throw from the OB line, I take aim but end up hitting the pole low and take a 4, Neal tries the long putt but also misses and takes 4, Chris’s OB gives him a 5 or 6. AS Chris, Neal 3 up.
Hole 8
Neals, putter off the tee fades heavily and goes OB, pressure off I grip-lock my drive and land on the tree line on the right, Chris with a chance to drive in close also finds the OB, after watching them both miss from the drop zone, I happily take the chicken calls for my lay-up to win with a 3. 1 up on Chris, Neal 2 up.
Hole 9
My drive is “just a tad long” ( I had expected to be much more “long” than Neal had described, Chris drives a perfect lay up to the gap and Neal flops a sidearm, then another to leave him just short of the gap after 2. Chris has a good shot up the gap, just short of the end and I take a bit off a roller up the gap, just enough to send it all the way up and round the back to leave a 6/7 metre putt. I sink the putt to kill them off. 2 up on Chris, Neal 1 up, 3 to play.
Hole 10
Stairway has been kind to me recently but my drive looks to be going OB right out of my hand, little did I know it would level out and fade before the trees to leave me about 3 metres away :D. Chris drives wide left and Neal turns over into the trees on the right. Chris misses his approach, Neal hits the bucket and I slam chains. 3 and 2 win against Chris, AS Neal. (I said i’d do what I could).
Hole 11
After seeing lightning back on hole 9 and knowing torrential rain was imminent, we picked up the pace, my drive goes right but lands 5 metres out, Neal is a little further out but gets under for a 3, I miss my putt to take it to the deciding hole. AS Neal.
Hole 12
After catching my breath I think about the easiest way to play this hole well, so a mid on a turnover it is and it sails through the gap leaving the pressure on Neal, Neal clearly watched closely enough to also throw a turnover mid but caught some foliage on the way through. I am about 7 metres out and Neal around 15. Neal shoots...misses and i’m left with the decision, win or draw. Ching. 1 up on Neal.
I can only thank them both for a fantastic round of golf, never have i been pushed so hard to recover successfully and claim those 2 completely useless points. :D
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