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Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Posted: Thu Oct 31, 2013 11:34 pm
by bruce
Mark.A.D wrote:
Phil Wood wrote:either that or scatter 10p's round the course, he'll spend so long looking for them he'll break 30 secs everytime.
I wouldnt have thought you would be so willing to part with that much money :o
That's why they dropped Jester...

Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Posted: Thu Oct 31, 2013 11:36 pm
by Sam
That's unfair... Jester isn't playing as he has some way to go until he makes it into our int ams... WE ARE AWESOME!!!

Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Posted: Thu Oct 31, 2013 11:40 pm
by MampiSwift
I make it a 13 3 win for qp in the doubles too easy!!!

Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Posted: Thu Oct 31, 2013 11:41 pm
by Sam
Wow, Tweedy you were truly born with optimism!

Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 7:44 am
by MampiSwift
No point playing otherwise Sam!!

Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 9:19 am
by rhatton1
Completely forgot this was happening last night - gutted, greats comments throughout, spluttering into my coffee at a few of them....

i feel a certain forum comment made a couple of years ago may be weighing heavily come sunday morning :D What's the betting I get Sam in the singles now to cap it off!

And Del make the Denmark one happen!

Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 9:55 am
by bruce
Full pairings sorted with home team first:

Charlie Mead + Andrew Douse vs Liam Fisk + Scott Kennedy
Bruce + Mark Biddle vs Ali Findlay + James Burbage
Gary O'Malley + Andy Noton vs Tom Lowes + Matt Parslow
Jesse + Adam Breeden vs Phil Wood + Louie
James Luton + Geoff Innes vs Terry Tenger + Vilmar
Del + Scott Russell vs Neal Clifton + Lisa Gregory
Sue + Martin Smith vs Kyle + Hippy Dan
Paul Holden + Andrew Bonjour vs Rich Wood + Nic Dove
Duncan Butcher + Village vs Dave the Stubble + Trom
Neal Pickett + Connor Holden vs Dan Ryan + Jerry
Ivan + Steve Russell vs Oz + Luis
Jon Tweed + Brett Ward vs Charlie Myall + Margo
Phil Blount + Phil Sumner vs Neil Martin + Prebbz
Hatton + Steve Chapman vs Fran Wilson + Morne Cloete
Duncan Hartshorne + Sian Lee vs Neil Halliday + Rich O Connell
Mark Davis + Jon Wood vs Sam Stevens + James Burton

Do we have the division splits for each team yet?

Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 10:39 am
by gommog
Dave Brinkley has pulled out, think he heard about Jesse's match play record

Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 11:14 am
by Phil Wood
gommog wrote:Dave Brinkley has pulled out, think he heard about Jesse's match play record
or drinking record...

Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 1:13 pm
by MampiSwift
Cheers for putting the pairs on here Bruce !

Anyway yes it is true Dave Brinkley has been taken ill which is a real shame as he was really looking forward to it.

Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 1:15 pm
by MampiSwift
We dont have the divisional splits yet as I need to rely on Sam for numbers in each division but it should be something like this for our team :-


2nd group
Mark D
Duncan H
Paul Holden
Neal Pickett
Phil Blount/Phil Sumner

3rd Group
Andrew Douse
Jon Wood
Dunc Butcher
Phil B/Phil Sumner
Andrew Bonjour

4th Group
Mark Biddle
Steve Russell
Andy Noton
Adam Breeden
Steve Chapman

Scott Russell

Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 2:37 pm
by rhatton1
By you he means me....

Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 2:38 pm
by rhatton1
and its Adam Breeden now in for Dave Brinkley

Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2013 8:49 pm
by MampiSwift
Players meeting at 945 guys.

Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2013 8:23 am
by bruce
Please use the clinic car par for overflow, too wet to park on the grass!

Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2013 9:28 am
by rhatton1
Congratulations Croydon on a superb first leg at QP yesterday - i'm sure Tweed will post the results soon but the doubles were a dead heat I think and Croydon took the singles about 18.5 - 13.5 (ish) winning in all divisional breaks apart from Open. Lot of work for QP to do in the return leg!

I had another couple of very enjoyable match ups despite coming up against the newly crowned British Tour Champ, they were both good rounds in great groups.

Just hope now I can get the away pass to the 2nd leg!

Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:22 am
by rhatton1
So doubles, I was paired up with Steve Chapman who's been playing since May but has already developed a decent drive and it turns out one hell of an approach game! We were playing Morne and Nick Blakehill, a late replacement for the injured Fran Wilson.

We started on the newly configured hole 18, so far my drives on this had been, shall we say, a learning experience (the ground 10 yards in front of the tee had learned a lot about my discs) so I wasn't overjoyed with the starting position especially with the howling gale coming up the fairway!

Steve drove first and got us most of the way down the fairway for an easy up and down three. I drove to the corner for a good chance at a 2 and my name on the CTP for a fleeting moment! Finally worked out that drive! Mornes drive was a bit wild into the redwoods. Nick stepped up to his first drive in the Hyzer cup and threw what looked like a beauty but ended up around 2 meters shy of the fence, OB, the first casualty of the new risk reward nature of the hole! Both of their approaches from Mornes drive dropped OB allowing us to chip up and win with a 3. QP 1 up

Hole 1 Steve drove fist and caught the guarding tree landing just beyond the am tee. I drove probably my best drive on the hole in a year and landed 15 meters past the two trees with a view to the basket. They took Mornes drive just to the right of the two trees but could only get to within 25 meters on the approach. Steve approached well first then I put mine under the basket to win the hole with a 3 QP 2 up

Hole 2 I was locked in as was Morne so both had ace runs, neither really threatened. steve drove safely up the middle to about 25 meters short. Nick's drive turned over in the wind to give them a 40 meter up shot into the headwind. both approached to within 10 meters then steve stood up and nailed his approach into the chains, boom, QP 3 up with a birdie.

Hole 3 Steve drove a beauty straight down the middle to pin high on the fence line. I put my sidearm to about 15 meters short. Nick and Morne found trouble on the right and could only manage the 4 we won with a 3 QP 4 up.

Hole 4 Steve drove to about 30 meters short, I decided to go Tiger line and got it wrong, they took Mornes I think which had turned over to the tee of 5. their approaches again got them to within 10 meters. Steve stood up first and again bang straight into the chains for a 2! QP 5 up

Hole 5After watching the entire group in front drive OB we all went a bit more conservative. I was down behind the trees at the back of the old tee of 7 and Nick took the longest drive for a while on the top line. Steve and I both drove OB on our second, leaving ourselves in jail behind trees - poor shots and Morne approached well up the middle. We putted for the 6 I think they won with a 5. QP 4 up.

Hole 6 Morne drove really well to almost the old OB fence. Steve and I both hit the netting. Steve then threw a thumber under the basket. halved with 3 QP 4 up.

Hole 7 We took my drive a bit short and behind the trees, I rolled up to under the basket. I think they both missed their 8 meter putts for the 3 to halve the hole QP 5up

Hole 8 Steve drove well - 15 meters to the left of the basket but behind the trees with no line, I almost made the forehand anny putt but to no avail, I think their drives were poor but Nick approached under the basket so halved with a 3 QP 5 up

Hole 9 They took Mornes which i think was just short of the ride, We took Steves just in the dogwood the other side of the ride. Their approaches took them deeper into the woods on the right, my roller turned a bit early but got us to within 20 meters on the left. Their roller approaches were a bit wild getting up the fairway of 13 before starting to dig back in but were at least pin high. Steve got his approach close and left me with one attacking line through a tiny window which i managed to hit but just donked the yellow band, one of my most enjoyable shots of the day, we took the hole with a 4 QP 6up.

Hole 10 Locked into my drive my forehand got us towards the ride but slightly off to the right. I think theirs was somewhere near the fencing. Steve threw a beautiful anhyzer down the tunnel and I think we halved with a four. QP 6up.

Hole 11 Steve drove to the trees on the right, I hit a really good drive just short of pin high but outside the tree line. There was no obvious line to the basket for a 2 though so wanting to keep us open we took Steves and I approached to within 10 meters, just outside the guarding tree. We missed our putts and I think we halved with 4's QP 6up

Hole 12 I can't remember it at all but I'm pretty sure we won with a 3 as they had to approach across the slope to take us 7up 5 to play.

Really enjoyable round and a pleasure to play with Steve "hit them from anywhere" Chapman!

Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2013 11:06 am
by rhatton1
Singles - I thought I would fall on my sword when Tweedy needed someone else for the top group - the thinking being that Jesse, Meal Ticket and Dark Mavis were probably on current form more likely to win their respective matches in the group below, and hell I always like a challenge! Turned out that maybe i was overconfident in the ability of my team mates, but hey ho!

Of all the top group I drew Dan, British Champion on the form of his life, Ryan. oh. Maybe I don't like that much of challenge.

I've had some previous match play experience with Dan , him and James Burton were the first to beat me and Dark Mavis in doubles and then I had played him at Nationals in a match where he kept opening the door only for me to shut it in my own face eventually losing 3 and 2. Having hardly played this season I wasn't expecting much but I wasn't going to go down without a fight, I was almost ready to revise that opinion after starting on hole 1 when Dan crushed his forehand to the gap for an easy up and down three. My drive caught the willow so I had to chip out and have a run for the 3 from 40 meters, leaving myself with an easy 4, Dan did make himself work hard with a poor approach but still nailed the 10 meter putt for the win Croydon 1up.

Hole 2 I had a 15 meter putt through the v's for the 2 which just missed to the left. Hole halved Croydon 1 up.

Hole 3 Dan got into trouble in the trees on the right after throwing too high. stupidly I then got in there too, we both took 4's as I couldn't bury my 8 meter putt from inside the old OB fence I should have drawn one back there. Grrr. Croydon 1 up

Hole 4 Dans drive was a beauty on the tiger line but just held up 8 meters short. I got lucky avoiding the OB then approached well round the foliage and just missed the basket for a drop in 3. Dan charitably missed his putt halved with 3's Croydon 1 up.

Hole 5 Dan got extremely lucky going for the longest drive as his drive crashed into the OB and then bounced out. Mine landed in exactly the same spot as this morning. Dans forehand was superb landing him about 8 meters away up slope. I took two to get to the basket and he hit his putt for 3 to my 4. Croydon 2 up.

Hole 6 Dan drove into the river - door opened up wide, I decided to play my safe Roc shot straight up the middle but hit that bloody tree again and landed just short of the bridge. My approach was about 10 meters long and I could only hit the band on the putt to halve with a 4 and shut the door in my own face again. Croydon 2 up.

Hole 7 Dan's drive was superb for an almost drop in 2. I had to work like crazy to get my 3. Croydon 3 up.

Hole 8 Dans drive again was nailed on accurate around 6 meters to the right. I landed in the crap on the right and found one small window for the only attacking line a putter on an anny up above the trees the other side and then swinging in, it was close but not close enough, Dan made his putt to win with a 2. Croydon 4 up.

Hole 9 His drive dug deep into the Dogwood the other side of the ride and suddenly the door creaked open again. with full concentration I played straight and safe up the middle to about 5 meters the other side of the ride, to Dan's calls of chicken, play or go home, etc etc.. gotta love the hyzer cup banter! Dan somehow got out of it and looked like he was getting down there for a 3 before hitting a branch and landing 15 meters short. Again concentrating with every fibre of my being determined not to shut the door myself this time I approached under the basket and finally won a hole as Dan missed his 3 putt. Crodyon 3 up woo hoo, I'm coming for you British Champ!

Hole 10 My drive wasn't great just behind the dogwood on the right, Dan hit a tree about 10 meters in front of him - was he rattled or just playing with me? His second wasn't much better still this side of the ride. Knowing I needed the hole instead of chipping back to where Dan was I tried to find a line out over the top with an improvised S curve high forehand, it almost worked but hit the bushes the other side of the ride and dropped down. Dan's third still wasn't great but I had no angle for anything, apart from maybe a backhand roller that I can;t do! I tried an anny shot which left me pin high but on the fairway of 9. Dan approached under the basket for a drop in 5. I found one small gap and went at it just clipping the last guarding tree and bouncing out to about 8 meters. I delightedly made the putt well into my wobbly zone to halve the hole. Dan opened the door for me again I then managed to close the door and then reopen it all in the same hole! ahh match play. Croydon 3 up.

Hole 11, my drive was on the edge of the trees on the right. Dans was an absolute beauty just the right height to go charging down the tunnel on an ace run, until it hit a branch/tree I couldn't see from the tee and bounced back to almost the gap. very unfortunate the line deserved better. I had a tiny window under branches to get out and down and managed to hit it to get within 15 meters but in the trees. With Dan's approach under the basket for a drop in 3 I hit the 15 meter putt and celebrated more than someone 3 holes down probably should! hole halved with 3's croydon 3 up.

I've just realised we played out of order on the next hole. so Dan should be disqualified and we should get the points :D Out of habit of being at the front Dan stole my tee pad and drove first landing under the basket. I just don't have that shot anymore so decided to play safe up the middle and give myself the attacking shot up the slope. Missed the basket leaving myself an easy 3 Dan knocked in his 2 Croydon 4 up 6 to play.

Dans forehand looked like it was parked (it turns out it wasn't dammit) This led me into a rash attempt at the old anny line that I used to get the birdie from. It's a bit tighter these days so I hit the tree 15 meters from the tee. My forehand second was good from the lie I was in but into the trees still 25 meters short, i could only get out for the 4 and Dan won with a 3 - the first hole he had beaten me on without a birdie. Croydon Dormie 5

Hole 14 Dan drove OB - a chink of light again, my drive though was pretty poor leaving a bit of work to do on the approach , my thumber was just too long and left me under the bushes on the back wall with an 8 meter putt. unable to get any spring with the bushes over me all I could do was hit the bucket to halve with a 4. Dan wins 5 and 4. 5 times he gave me a chance in the round but I could only take one of them, not quite Open form! Still i played really well and had an immensely enjoyable round with Dan and Brett and James alongside us.

We still had the closest the pin hole to go on 18 and I managed to get right round the corner this time, only to see a fantastic drive from James who took the spot prize landing 4 meters to the right.

Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2013 11:31 am
by Mark.A.D
Another great day in the hyzer cup, here is how my morning doubles round went.

Paired alongside Jon Wood taking on James Burton and Sam Stevens... Again. Losing the toss we were up first.

Hole 8) Jon's shot wasn't great as he turned in to the right early. I step up going for a big flex shot but it doesn't come back enough and drops into the trees far down, Sam has a similar shot to Jon on the left and James crushes a nicely shaped shot looking just beyond the trees on the left, not a great start. We find my drive and make our approaches under the basket, James' drive was a little shorter than expected and both were unfortunate to miss the putt. All Square

Hole 9) Both our drives we short but in the middle, Sam sends his shot straight down the gap allowing James to open up...a tree :D. We took Jon's to stay open but our approaches only manage to reach as far as sams drive. Their second shots were poor and I managed to flick a forehand through and hit the love shack to drop us in for a 4, again their approaches only go close enough to half the hole. AS

Hole 10) My drive was way left and Jon was short, again they go down the middle, my approach from Jon's lie caused me to follow through into a tree and giving us poor positioning, the rest of the hole didnt go well either. 1 DN

Hole 11) With me locked in and seeing bad drives from sam and james, i forget to play sensible and stick my drive in the trees in front, managing to play a good roller approach gave us a putt for 3 and their approaches poor again getting them up and down in 4, we missed our putts. 1DN

Hole 12) Some decent drives from everyone here, except jon as he grip locks hard into the right and my drive was unlucky to catch a branch up high and lezve us down the hill. We are up first and i'm thinking to myself "just put it up there jon" as we see it hit the board and roll back behind us, great. I step up with the intention to plop it up there and can only watch the disc in flight turn over and into the chains, sweet. Pressure on for the long putt and sam and james can't convert. AS

Hole 13) It's a bit windy and i'm hoping Jon who is locked in just puts it in the middle but again lands in the edge on the right. Good drives from croydon and our approaches can only worm burn. 1 DN

Hole 14) Open field time to open up, sam goes OB and james isn't great, my forehand just staying in but a decent length, we couldnt make a putt. 1 DN

Hole 15) sam and james nearly killing the people sat by buddha and jon playing down the middle, our approaches were poor and they had an easy upshot to take the hole. 2 DN

Hole 16) A hole i've taken to recently and my drive loses the wind behind and falls short into the OB, grr. james' drive just hits the tree on the left side and jon is even further left, upshots for 3s. 2 DN

Hole 17) Not the best hole to be locked in on, and after seeing both croydon drives up the middle i decide to take action, take out my boss and RIP IT, flipping up and just finding the perfect line to land 4 metres left of the basket, croydon upshots under pressure cant find chains, i allow jon to do the honours but decides to flop, i'm not passing up the opportunity to 2 this hole and cooly do so. 1 DN

Hole 18) A little disc selection advice on the tee sees jon send a teerex nicely down the fairway straight, and i get knocked by the conifer back into the middle of the fairway just a few metres away from jon, croydon drives and we see some pure genius. Sam crushing the ground with a thumping worm burn and james catching the wind just right, actually very right :D and he is over by 16a, a beautiful approach from sam lands them within putting distance for a 3 and my putt can only find the pole. 1 DN

Hole 1) Jon drives just beyond the willow and I open up a bit taking wind into account and look to be in the trees, james and sam both find the willow and somehow im in a good position high up the fairway, an excellent forehand approach only the best ultimate can teach puts us under the basket for a 3, their approaches were too far away. AS

Hole 2) Jon lands his drive a little short of the red bushes and i step up and crush a lovely turning drive that lands just beyond the basket, croydon drive to some distance out and choose to stay open on the drive, effectively conceding the hole. 1 UP

Hole 3) Jon is locked in and doesn't have the common decency to even get past the ladies tee, croydon drives find the right side of the middle trees, with the wind pushing left to right, and jons poor approach, i pull out the roc, fling it close the the tree line and watch it curve round behind the trees landing 5 metres away, good save here, croydon roller puts them about 25 metres away but that cant stop a good sidearm putt from james to put the pressure on, still a tricky putt left for us here into the wind and i step up and slam chains.. and fall out. AS

Hole 4) James flips over and doesn't make it over the hedge, sam makes it over just but is a long way away, jon doesnt get a good shot either falling left and short, i step up, max in hand and send it through the top of the middle tree somehow and glide to the lip of the green. we wait for their approaches again over the hedge but nowhere near, i step up and kill the hole off. 1 UP 3 to play

Hole 5) A long wait as we finally catch the group in front, Jon's drive looking ok but just sneaks into the ob on the left, i sent my drive wide but get turned.. a lot and must have hit the trees on the right by the 7th tee, sam hits the trees near the tee and james lands the only drive in bounds. Our drop zone shots couldnt even reach the tee of old 7 and doesn't set us up well for the rest of the hole. AS 2 to play

Hole 6) and noone makes it past the stream, we see croydon with good approaches and take jon's for positioning reasons, both took 3s. AS last hole.

Hole 7) I'm locked in and see croydon both play bad drives, i can put us in a good position here to snatch the win but do I? ha. I'm a little shorter of their drives but more open in the fairway, jon puts a roller under the basket and i cant do anything other than do the same, croydon with the chance to steal it then but their shot is just too difficult to shape and match us for 3s to half the round. AS

Some good play in here especially given the windy conditions and a valuable half point gained it seems.

Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2013 11:51 am
by rhatton1
Mark.A.D wrote:
Hole 3) Jon is locked in and doesn't have the common decency to even get past the ladies tee,