Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Winter Doubles and one off doo's.
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Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Post by MampiSwift » Mon Nov 04, 2013 5:34 pm

So to the results . Croydon brought a team to QP with a lot of new faces which was great to see . We managed to hold onto the 32vs32 team numbers that we had planned which showed great commitment from everyone involved . Thank you to both teams for turning out.

So the morning started out with the usual banter ensuing at the Players meeting , both captains checking team numbers tentatively to see if all players had arrived .We were playing the usual QP black course with two new additions , number one was an aggressive wind that could turn over the most stable of drivers and number 2 was a new format to the existing hole 18 . The tee has been moved back towards the gate and a new basket placement closer to the OB pen to give a real risk reward for people going for the pin placement . This also takes away the inevitable stray drive heading towards the buildings off the old tee . This could potentially be a new format for this hole at one of the tournaments next year . It would be great to get some feedback from the guys that played it .

Anyway , with the pairings already set from the Thursday night draw we all took to the battlefield for a chilly 1015 start , scores below:-

Charlie Mead + Andrew Douse vs Liam Fisk + Scott Kennedy QP win 4/3
Bruce + Mark Biddle vs Ali Findlay + James Burbage QP win 1 up
Gary O'Malley + Andy Noton vs Tom Lowes + Matt Parslow CL win 4/3
Jesse + Adam Breeden vs Phil Wood + Louie CL win 4/2
James Luton + Geoff Innes vs Terry Tenger + Vilmar CL win 3/2
Del + Scott Russell vs Neal Clifton + Lisa Gregory QP win 3/2
Sue + Martin Smith vs Kyle + Hippy Dan CL win 3/2
Paul Holden + Andrew Bonjour vs Rich Wood + Nic Dove QP win 1 up
Duncan Butcher + Village vs Dave the Stubble + Trom CL win 6/4
Neal Pickett + Connor Holden vs Dan Ryan + Jerry CL win 5/4
Ivan + Steve Russell vs Oz + Luis Halved
Jon Tweed + Brett Ward vs Charlie Myall + Margo QP win 1up
Phil Blount + Phil Sumner vs Neil Martin + Prebbz QP win 2/1 (I think)
Hatton + Steve Chapman vs Nick Blakehill + Morne Cloete QP win 7/5
Duncan Hartshorne + Sian Lee vs Neil Halliday + Rich O Connell CL win 4/3
Mark Davis + Jon Wood vs Sam Stevens + James Burton Halved

So after a mornings play it seemed that the two teams could not be separated and we went into the singles deadlocked at 8-8

Everyone got themselves a spot of lunch in preparation for the live 'random' draw , myself and Sam had already pre-allocated our teams into what would be 5 different groups . I have to say that I was feeling pretty confident at this point as we are usually so strong in the singles but it wasn't to be as some of the new faces that are now a part of the Croydon team are in fact some talented match play players and some of the older faces had improved a lot . It was a tough fight right until the end , heres what happened -Matchups and divisions below:-

Del vs Oz QP win 6/5
Bruce vs Sam QP win 5/3
Ivan vs Neal Clifton QP win 3/1
Jon Tweed vs Kyle G QP win 6/4
Charlie Mead vs Phil Wood CL win 4/3
James Luton vs Tom Lowes Halved
Rich Hatton vs Dan Ryan CL 5/4

Advanced 1
Paul Holden vs Rich O Connel QP win 3/2
Sue Underwood vs Neil Halliday CL win 3/2
Dark Mavis vs Dave Ethier CL win 3/1
Dunc H vs Ali Findlay CL 4/3
Neal Pickett vs Rich Wood CL 1 up
Phil Sumner vs Liam Fish QP win 1 up
Jesse Denny vs Terry Tenger Halved
Gary O malley vs Neil Martin CL 2 /1

Advanced 2
Andrew Douse vs Vilmar QP 5/4
Phil Blount vs Nic Dove Halved
Steve Chapman vs Matt Parslow CL win 3/1
Jon Wood vs Hippy Dan CL win 2/1
Dunc Butcher vs James Burton QP 3/2
Andrew Bonjour vs Neil Prebble CL win 4/3
Steve Russel vs Morne Cloete CL 3/1
Village vs Trom QP win 5/4

Int am
Martin Smith vs Lisa Gregory CL 6/5
Adam Breedon vs Louie W CL 6/5
Mark Biddle vs Scott Kennedy CL 4/3
Connor Holden vs Charlie Myall CL 1 up
Andy Noton vs Margo QP 4/3
Geoff Innes vs Nick Blakehill CL 6/5
Sian Lee vs Jerry Andrew QP 2/1
Brett Ward vs James Burbage CL 3/1

Junior division
Scott Russel vs Luis Freire QP in 8/7

So in the singles Croydon managed to beat us on our own course in quite an emphatic fashion 18.5 to 13.5.

We also had the spot prize holes that were awarded for Longest drive on hole 5 , longest Putt on hole 6 and CTP on new 18 .
Winners were:-

Longest Drive - Mark Davis QP
CTP - James Burnage (With the last drive of the day)
Longest Putt/thumber! - Dunc Butcher QP

Each winner took a box of chocolates and also a half extra point for there team.

At the end of this Croydon won 27 points to 22.5 taking a 4.5 lead back to their own course . The 2nd leg hopeful to be played in the New Year with a rejuvenated QP team ready for war!!!!

Massive thank you to Sam for organising this , its great to see all of these new faces playing golf and enjoying it . Onwards and upwards with the numbers in the Hyzer Cup but I can see us having to make a bigger course at this rate as I'm sure we wouldn't want to turn people away from playing this fantastic event.

Can I also ask if people can remember any of their battles , please post them on here for everyone to see . I'll post mine later as the repetitive strain injury has set in now .

Captains log QP date 041113 more practice needed.............................................
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Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Post by West » Mon Nov 04, 2013 6:37 pm

Will get the results uploaded asap.

@bruce - looking at your stats issue at the moment as well :)
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Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Post by Del » Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:14 pm

I partnered young Scott Russell in the doubles, and we were drawn against Neal Clifton and Lisa Gregory, starting on hole 12. Always nice to play in a group where everyone enjoys the game, even when things don't go quite as planned! It was pretty close all the way, Scott and I nudged ahead and then Neal and Lisa would pull one back. Scott had a few wayward shots early on, but came good when it really mattered in the closing stages. On River Ride my drive was deep in the bushes, but Scott had a lovely drive down the middle which ended on the fairway edge giving us an easy 3, then on the first new woods hole he made the gap whilst Neal and I only managed to get about 15m off the tee, and off the fairway! That clinched the 3 and 2 victory for us.

In the singles I drew Oz Freire, and this seems to happen nearly every time. It''s great to catch up with Oz, as we have been playing disc golf and ultimate with and against each other for more than 25 years. I'm not sure that Oz is quite so thrilled as I usually come out on top, and he'd probably hope for an easier match up! We started on hole 2 and it was pretty close for the opening holes, but then I hit a purple patch: I parked Oblong Obleft (#7) with a cut roller, then parked River Ride (#8), took #9 and #10 with 4's whilst Ozzie found too many trees, and a 3 on 'Long The River (#11) was enough to put me 6 up. We halved the next 3, and thus I won 6 and 5.
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Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Post by LostMeow » Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:18 pm

Well I'll have a go at an account of my singles match against James. I have to say over the last few years of Hyzer Cup I've gone into the afternoon singles matches with trepidation as with our dearth of (genuine) open players at Croydon I have often had to play up a division. Now I have (slightly) less cause to complain as my rating (just) qualifies me for open and I am definitely playing up in next year's tour, but with the names QP had in the bag I was still fully expecting to give my best but ultimately be 'taking one for the team' (as it were) so that players lower down would have a better chance...

So I got drawn against James, which I knew would be tough if slightly mitigated by his widely-advertised hangover following Jesse's leaving bash the night before. I also knew we'd have a fun round whatever happened.

We happened to start on hole 7 which is exactly where I started off in the morning. I lost the toss and James told me to drive first. While he faffed around writing his name on a couple of discs I duffed a fairly low drive up the middle safely. Then James stepped up and blasted a customarily massive hyzer out to about 6m from the pin. Damn, I thought. Not that I could throw that anyway, but I could swear there was a mando or something to stop that sort of thing. Apparently not there anymore! Anyhow, it was some wake-up call. My approach didn't hyzer far enough around and I landed pretty much on James's disc. My putt first - I was chuffed to get in from 6m downhill for the par. James cans his birdie putt. Oh dear, I thought...well, if he wins this by birdying like that then I can at least hold my head up at the end. James 1 up.

On to 8. Mine in the middle of the fairway, James off to the side nearer the basket. Hole halved with 3s.

9. Usual pinball phannying around. My roller from halfway stays straight, hits nothing and cruises way past the hole - finally I end up under the basket for a drop-in 5; James hits a great through-the-trees putt from about 6m for a 4. James 2 up. Again, I think, fine if he's going to make putts like that.

10. Can't remember exactly what happened. More MACs and random garbage but I ended up putting for a 4 from about 5m and hit that to win the hole. James 1 up.

11. My drive into the trees on the right, about halfway up. James cleverly uses the netting to place his drive a bit shorter but on the fairway. I had a long putt to win the hole but didn't make it. James 1 up.

12. My sidearm to about 10m from the pin. James out sidearms me (more encouragement for me there) to be about 2m closer. My soft hammer approach/putt isn't soft enough and clangs off that random wooden post off to the side leaving a nasty-looking 4m across the slope. James decides to go for it, hits the chastity band and has a horrible, horrible roll-away down to the right past the tee of 13. I can only feel sorry for him as it could easily have happened to me. Another hole where you could just roll dice off the tee, really. He can't get anywhere with his next and concedes the hole. A/S

13. Into blinding sunshine, my Roc3 hits those annoying bushes halfway up on the left. James throws a beauty up to 15m ish. My next from behind the bushes was miserable and James wins with an easy 3. James 1 up.

14. Halved with 3s.

15. Both drives were low and turned into the wind then burned, leaving us 20-25m short. In the windy conditions, this was one of the nastiest approaches on the course - a strong headwind with that OB pen and the drop away behind. I went first and went way long, down the hill. James then very timidly only got to the edge of the OB pen, and described himself as a part of female anatomy. My back putt missed and James, still facing the headwind, opted for a safe half rather than going for it.

16. James blasts off towards the fairway of 17 with his Comet. My drive is up the middle but 10m short. James can only get to about 8m with his approach, so I decide to try and put the pressure on by laying up directly under the bucket. James duly hits an impressive putt to rescue the half.

17 & 18. Halved with 3s.

1. James booms up the fairway and round the corner towards the basket. Mine is a bit far right but in the open. My sidearm sneaks round the corner to about 6m; James turns out to be slightly in the trees on the left of the fairway - his approach is less lucky, clips the canopy and lands about 8m short. He misses his putt and, feeling the pressure somewhat, I make mine. A/S

2. My drive is terrible; James parks it for a drop-in 2. James 1 up again.

3. James burns low; my drive gets down the fairway and cuts into the (thankfully formerly OB) pen, level-ish with the basket. I can't quite make the putt for a 2 from in there and we halve with 3s.

4. James's Firebird drive clips the tops of the trees and lands somewhere in the middle (took a bit of finding). My drive is accidentally straighter than I intended, nearly goes OB, but must have hit the fence to roll back in, about 5m short. James is too far to finish and I got the birdie putt. A/S again!

5. A hole I didn't get to play in the morning and a drive I've never figured out. Thankfully the wind had dropped to nothing. Not a hole I wanted to be competing against the self-styled "longest arm on tour" on, though. He arrows his Boss nicely up the left channel and looks to have contended for longest drive. Gulp. OK, nice and steady. My sidearm just misses the huge disc-hungry tree in the middle and sneaks round. Turns out James's drive must have clipped something when out of sight because it isn't quite the 200m he was hoping for but still much further than mine. My approach lands about 15m from the pin, James's about 6-7m. My approach narrowly misses the chains and sits obediently on the slope behind. James putts to win the hole and nails one again, this time screaming out in satisfaction. Huh, OK then. James 1 up, 1 to play.

6. Tee pad thankfully much grippier than I was expecting. James is up first and lines up a sidearm. And throws it in the river. I mean, it was a near miss, but I must admit I was surprised. So, I carefully kept my drive in bounds and won the hole with a 3. All square to finish, then. James was obviously disappointed but was a good sport about it. I really enjoyed the back and forth of the match and that mostly when James won holes it was with good drives/putts rather than bad play on my part.

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Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Post by West » Mon Nov 04, 2013 8:41 pm

@Bruce - your stats are updated :)
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Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Post by Phil Wood » Tue Nov 05, 2013 10:29 am

Morning doubles was with Louie against Jesse and Adam B. I thought that we would probably have the edge as the smell of Jesse’s breath suggested slight alcohol dependency. I was really pleased to be playing Jesse in his last HC before returning to the states, I played my first competitive round with him in the 09 Cyclone, so on a personal level it nice to come full circle. We haven’t seen Louie out much on the course recently as he is playing more and more rugby – understandable given his size! We started poorly gifting them a few holes and Adam made a nice putt on 2 to save Jesses dignity, and the hole. Our game started to come together and Louie was driving well, keeping our options open and rarely locking us out. There was a clear momentum shift once we hit the woods holes. I played a good drive on the first whilst Jesse and Adam both hit early trees to give us the lead, we didn’t really look back from there. Louie smashed a perfect drive down 11 halfway down the chute to take us further ahead, he then nailed a nice 10m putt on 15 to win the hole and take the match 4 and 2.

Afternoon singles was predictably against Charlie, over the last few Hyzer cups and Nationals, we have played a lot of match play together and Charlie has always had the edge. After 2 holes I would have predicted that this would continue. A duffed approach on 3 and a drive OB on 4 meaning Charlie could take the holes with easy 3’s. It was Charlie’s turn to find OB’s and he did so on 5,6 and 7 letting me take the lead with straightforward pars. I then underthrew 9 and got trapped so could only scrabble a 4, Charlie taking a 3. I sent a nice clean drive down 9 and missed the 2 by inches, Charlie pin balled around giving me the hole. We finally halved a hole on 10 with 4’s I think. Similar drives on 11 but I found tree on my approach, Charlie put his under for a tap in. I couldn’t make the putt and we were back to all square. A cruel roll away on 12 for Charlie meant my par was enough to take the lead and I turned the screw with a nice drive on snakebite. Charlie found the bushes on the left and was in jail. Again I took the hole with a par. I took 14 with a par after Charlies upshot left a little too much work, I took at simple 3 on the nipple forcing Charlie into a testing putt which hit the cage and dropped low. Dormie 4 heading onto 17, neither drive well im just right of the chute, Charlie a little further back and left. He catches tree on his approach leaving him 20m back, rather than risk something big and attack the pin, I toss a putter into the middle ahead of Charlie knowing I leave a long putt for the 3 but forcing Charlie to make the putt or I can pitch under and tap in for a half. He misses, so did I, but a halved hole and the game was over 4and 3.

Two great games, I think the morning drive up was taking its toll on Charlie come the end of the match, neither of us was happy with our golf. Im sure it wont be the last time we face each other in matchplay, but at least I have one win on the board now!

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Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Post by Charlie Mead » Tue Nov 05, 2013 4:47 pm

Generous commentary Phil, not at all sure I was with it after 9 holes in the afternoon. Really enjoyed the day though - but definitely waning by half way! The morning doubles were a joy - playing with Andrew Douse - who putted like a demon meaning I could just focus on the up shots - should have left me with something in the tank - but guess the tank is a bit smaller than it used to be!!

Thanks to Tweedy and Sam - hopefully James and I can make the return leg this year.
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Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Post by Neil M » Wed Nov 06, 2013 8:25 pm

The result of my doubles against the Phils was 1Up to them. Took it to the final hole but missed our putts to half the match :(
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Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Post by MampiSwift » Thu Nov 07, 2013 1:29 pm

In my doubles I played with Brett against Charlie Myall and Margo . I had no idea what this battle was going to entail , I can't remember much of it but myself and Brett managed to take 3 out of the 4 first holes . At this point we were thinking that it was going to be a doddle but Margo kept getting better and better as we went on (No idea how Sam had him in his bottom group!). We drew a number of the next few holes until we got to the woods where they played some good golf to take all 3 of the woods holes to get back to all square! Pressure on! We drew holes 12 and 13 and then had a big decision to make on 14 as we were all square with myself looking to be locked out on 15 if we took my drive . Brett went first and pulled his drive way right which didnt help so instead of doing my usual lay up drive on this for an easy 3 decided to try a big anny nuke out over the left and back in . I thought if we were going to lock me out on the next hole then we may as well do it after winning the hole . I couldnt have thrown it any better it got pin high and landed in the bush level with the basket or so I thought ! Unfortunately it managed to find a small gap in the bush leaving us with Bretts drive . At the time I didnt think about the OB three opportunity which would have been quite easy but as I'm writing this it would have been the easier option!! We took Bretts needing to come round the OB pen to the left . Surely we couldnt go wrong considering Brett was a lefty! Not so Brett pulled his drive into the OB . Then the pressure was on me to pull my weakest shot out the bag ! Dreaded sidearm from a fair distance away somehow I managed to pull it off and land 2m from the basket to save a half! We took 15 with a lovely drive from myself with a 2 . Then we halved the last three holes to stutter to a win one up . It was very difficult , Brett played ok considering he hadnt played for 6 months but he could clearly need some practice!

In the singles I can just about remember what happened:-

I was playing Kyle from Portland . He'd been switched into the Open group swapped with Liam on the comments that he was about 940 rated . A good matchup then was to start.

We started on hole 4
4 : Kyle drove first the wind making it tricky and went long and a bit right , I did exactly the same . Kyle approached to within 5m myself within 2. Kyle missed the Putt . I took the hole . QP one up.
5: I was first again and keeping up the tradition of the hole for the day went OB , Kyle gracefully followed me leaving us to play from the drop zone . I shanked mine straight into the tree in front and somehow managed to pop through to by the basket of old 6 . Great I thought but then decided to throw OB again!! Twat! Kyle takes the hole with a 6 All square.
6. We both drove just short of the old ob pen to take easy 3's All square
7. Both tried the hyzer bomp I landed in the trees with a half chance at the basket from 8m out Kyle a bit shorter down the hill . We both take 3's All square.
8. Kyle up first throws his awesome looking bottom stamped roc down it looked sweet until he just managed to hit the last over hang of trees leaving him a 20 m putt. I threw my buzz over the right hand bushes it looked great and it was I landed 2m from the pin to take the hole . QP 1 up.
9. Im up first and managed to get into the other side of the woods . Kyle was unlucky and got caught . He chipped out but it meant I had an easy 4 to take the hole QP 2 up.
10. Id rather not talk about as I think I suffered my worst drive on there ever !! Disc slipped out of my hand and managed to hit probably the earliest tree and end up behind the love shack!! 5m drive way to take it to him!!!!! Kyles drive ended on the fairway of the first wood hole but he had the advantage distance wise and took the hole with a 4 .QP 1 up
11. Both of us got a fair way up and managed a couple of scrambled 3's. Qp 1 up
12. Kyle up first hyzered out a bit early into the trees with a forehand , mine was much worse and only got half way down !!! Gutted!! needing a big anhyser shot to get around the trees and anywhere near I opted to use my old rhino and produce my favourite shot of the day to park it 2m from the pin. Kyle could only manage to get half way up the bank to miss the putt .QP 2 up.
14. I got caught in the trees again , Kyle went in the crap on the right , I somehow produced another sidearrm to get pin high but 5m right of the pin . Kyle could only get up there for a four whereas I putted out of the trees for the hole! 3 up more to follow.
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Re: Hyzer Cup 2013 -2014 First leg November 3rd

Post by MampiSwift » Thu Nov 07, 2013 7:20 pm

14. Had to throw one thumber sooner or later so threw one up to the front of the OB Kyle got half way up the ob line towards the basket with a big sidearm , I played up with my magnet line was right but the guns were a bit too big so landed by the wall behind the basket leaving a testy putt.Kyle played up to park his 2nd . I made the putt . QP 3 up
15. Got the xcaliber out the bag and boom looks sweet all the way before hyzering out just in front of the ob leaving a 6m putt. Kyle hits a big drive with a pro destroyer but it turns over and heads towards Buddha's trees . Kyle plays his upshot but hits the small tree protecting the basket leaving a tricky putt . I putt first and hit chains and land 3m behind the basket . Kyle putts and misses before I putt in to take the hole. QP 4 up
16. Im up first and decide attack is the best form of defence and park the nipple with my teerex straight up the middle. Kyle can only get within 25m . I take the hole . QP dormie 5
17. Applied the same logic as 16 but cocked up the drive leaving a tricky approach from the right up the middle . Kyle played a lovely drive up the middle leaving him an easy up shot for the 3. I get the magnet out again and throw a lovely anny approach to within 2m . Kyle approaches a bit short and misses the putt for the 3. I take the hole and the match 6 and 4.

Thanks to Kyle for a great match , it was nice to see another good player from Croydon . He was a joy to play against hopefully he will be on tour this year .
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