Website feedback for the BDGA

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Website feedback for the BDGA

Post by TheGroover » Wed Feb 01, 2006 3:24 pm

I thought I'd offer some website feedback in time for your Board meeting this weekend:

1. THe new look site is great.
2. The forum is also great.

But, the forum isn't used by many people at the moment (and I expect it will stay that way for some time). There seems only to be around 10-15 people who have posted anything on the site. Any increase in numbers on the forum will be slow.

I think one thing that isn't right about the forum at the moment is that there are too many categories for posting. I'd suggest cutting right back, maybe even as far as ONE Forum index only. Or, maybe THREE: tournaments, general, club news.

At the moment, everything's too sparsely posted. I personally know that, with cookies enabled, one can identify where new posts are by the colour of the forum icon, but i expect most users don't know that, and have given up browsing for new threads in the forum.

Just my 2p's worth! I hope you found it constructive.


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