Revenue / Publicity idea

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Revenue / Publicity idea

Post by West » Thu Nov 24, 2005 12:45 pm

I was thinking to potentially make some money for the sport in this country and to increase publicity for the sport maybe we should organise some BDGA / Disc golf merchadise? Caps, t-shirts etc. Or is there some already?

Maybe sell it through the website?
Maybe get some sponsorship from Discology? (*looks at fernando*), DiscWing? (*looks at Mr Potts*)?
Maybe get some special limited edition stuff just for people competing on the tour or competed in 5 or more events? or for the top positions in the tour at the end maybe part of the prizes?
Maybe some quote shirts (quote on the back, small logo on the front)? Quotes like "Frolf it up!", "Rooky side" etc. etc? Or other things like "Warning: Disc Golf Obsessive" etc.

Just an idea that i thought i would throw into the pot ... what does everyone else think? :?

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