Mendip Masters #89 Oct 2016

Hi Everyone and welcome to the Mendips Masters edition of the Newsletter

Mendips was the last of the 10 event BDGA Tour and 15 year old Declan Bransby brings us his story of the weekend.

Nice Snaps had its penultimate outing with just the Nationals from Manchester to come.

Please also see the BDGA Awards votes, we have received 36 votes so far so there are an awful lot of you still to cast.



Have fun people.

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BDGA Tour #10 The Mendip Masters

by Declan Bransby

It all started on a cloudy afternoon, unfortunately I had to spend Friday at school. Before I knew it I was being taken home, packing a bag and on my way. I couldn’t contain my excitement, I love tournaments especially when it is held on a course that I have never played before. Mendips was certainly no exception. It wasn’t a bad trip up, it took about 3 hours and some excellent navigation from myself until we reached the somewhat treacherous gravely hill leading to the main tent. Dad and I parked the car up and entered the huge tent. It was spectacular, we were confronted by an arrangement of tables and chairs as well as some intense games of table tennis set up across two tables side by side. I thought this was an excellent touch. After saying hello to everyone we set up our bunks which were located to the side of the main tent in smaller similar looking tents. They housed around 12 players per tent.

Soon after this it was time to sit down and choose from a selection of curries. I went for the Korma and what I had of it was very nice. Mine and several others evenings were taken up by table tennis match after table tennis match. I personally had some great matches with Charlie O’Brian and my dad. The evening was concluded by some hilarious drunken dancing from Gary, Sian, James, Beau and especially Edd. One of my personal highlights from the whole tour this year.

The first night was definitely a cold one, I made the fatal mistake of having no ground sheet on the canvas bunks allowing all the cold air under the covers. I was shaking for a majority of the night. We awoke to a chilly morning with some concerning overcast, however luckily the rain held off – well at least till late first round. In the main tent was a tray of sausages accompanied by fresh rolls and sauces, the perfect way to start the day.

My first round was a card made up of Jess George, Chris Ronalds and myself. It was to be my first time playing the course. I had a very enjoyable first round and my first time on the course didn’t disappoint, the course has a beautiful selection of tight technical wooded holes and spectacular long trimmed fairways. To anyone who hasn’t played the course I highly recommend to try this one! We were the first group back and got to enjoy the amazing spread layed out by Jess’s mum first, thank you to her for putting the lunch out both days. It ranged from corn beef pie to chicken skewers and from fruit to small cakes. The cards were out for the next round. I was with James Luton, Jamie Meek and Edd Green, once again it was a great round with ups and down for everyone the whole way through, I was most pleased with my second round out of the four ending on a 58 tying with James for a large portion of the round however him taking it in the last few holes finishing on a 56.

After some more table tennis games, it was time for everyone to have a go at a throw in competition with the basket positioned appropriately 30-40 metres away. It was £1 for 5 throws with a basket up for grabs. However it didn’t take long for someone to win, Tomasz Nowak sinking one dead centre chains. Congratulations to him. Next was an unexpected three course meal, it started with onion soup and bread and was followed by a cheese fondue. It was so good chants of more cheese rang throughout the tent. A slice of chocolate cake with cream finished what was a brilliant meal. As darkness fell over the mendip hills the camp fire had been lit and even more table tennis games began. However everyone was drawn from what they were doing for the firework display which could give any show I’ve seen a run for its money. Colours spiralled, fizzed and crackled through the sky as everyone stood in ore. I’m not sure of the individuals who set up the display were but a massive thanks to them. Some how after this a small group of us ended up arm wrestling, it was great fun trying against others surprising myself by beating quite a few on my stronger left arm. It was clear Craig Petit was the strongest, I didn’t see him loose once. It clearly runs in the family as Beau put in some good performances too.

For me, after about half an hour by the campfire, it was time to turn in for the night. This time I was prepared with a sleeping bag as well as my duvet, it really helped and I slept a lot better.

In the morning the sausages were back once again, no complaints there. After some putting practice it was time to make my way over to the starting hole for my third round. It was rather mediocre round. It left me four behind Jess, two back from Angus and one off Joe. I knew this was achievable I just had to play smart in the afternoon. So after enjoying lunch I was back out putting before, for the final time, walking to the starting tee. The whole round was a battle, I was playing well and managed to surpass Joe and gain strokes on Jess and Angus. You couldn’t separate the four of us, with four holes to go Jess, Angus and myself were all square with Joe two behind. However things a took a turn for the worse as I picked up back to back bogies and the rest of the card all taking solid pars. On the second to last hole disaster struck for Angus taking a double bogey on hole three hitting an early tree. Joe took a four, Jess three and I took a two making an awkward uphill putt. Going into the last hole I was one off the leader, Jess. Angus was one behind me and Joe was one off Angus. However I couldn’t capitalise on the last hole taking a par, it was the same story for Angus, Joe threw a beautiful shot straight up the middle parking the hole. Jess could have ran the birdie but did the sensible thing and layed up to the basket for the victory. It truly was a great battle and is exactly what the Ad am division is about. It was the first time in months were anyone could win. Never the less a huge congratulations to Jess for taking Ad am, James Luton taking open, Jester Wilson taking masters, Sue Underwood taking women’s and Matt White taking Int am.

Sunday was my 15th Birthday and I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to spend it nor better people to spend it with. When the results were read out for Ad am and I went up for second everyone started singing happy birthday, this was a true reminder of how tightly knit the disc golf community is and showed the spirit of game so thank you to everyone very much for that. Once all the winners had collected their hand sculpted trophies it was time for everyone to say goodbye. It was an excellent tournament.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has made this year even better than the last. Thank you to Matt for putting on this tournament, it was my personal favourite this year. Thank you to Chris for bringing Catch the Spirit to Mendips. Thank you to all the TD’s from all the events this year doing everything possible to make everyone’s weekend as enjoyable as possible. Finally I would also like to thank my dad for taking me to all of the tournaments we have been to, even though he works long hours he still finds time for these events and I really appreciate it.

Thank you for reading.

Open (12)

1James Luton8856978-354565655221
2Daniel Ryan45314967+157515958225
3Chris O’Brien34659950+556555761229
4Neil Webber8824957+1159565763235
5Andrew Bonjour67402926+1861686251242

Open Women (5)

1Sue Underwood8806864+5169677069275
2Sian Lee55999789+7074777073294
3Emily Wilsdon73489807+7675767079300
4Victoria Allen78879705+8980797480313
5Beau Pettitt+162100969793386

Masters (2)

1Jester Wilson8817945+1962636058243
2Ivan Bromage8814911+3762676765261

Advanced (15)

1Jessica George74900914+1459595961238
2Declan Bransby83797899+1562586158239
3Joe O’Brien64002885+1660615960240
3Angus Green79483874+1663575961240
5Tomasz Nowak78908912+2463596561248

Intermediate (13)

1Mat White78896838+4067666962264
2Jamie Meek+4270646567266
3Joe Brown62804859+4464667365268
4Jack Goolden+4569636473269
5Darren Burgess78878835+4769706765271

Recreational (6)

1Myles Jackson88357+7175707872295
2Sean Holden88616+7672767676300
3Joseph Noble71207+7977807274303

The 2016 BDGA Tour schedule is as follows:

Event 1 – Feb 20/21 Whitcombe Frostbreaker: Cuttler:Wilsdon:Wilson:George J:Green A:Green F
Event 2 – Mar 26-27 Mull (28th BH) – Luton:Lamb:Morris J:Bechtel:Richardson:Obrien C:Morris N
Event 3 – Apr 2/3 Burnlaw – O’Brien C:Lee:Hawkins:George J:O’Brien J:Chauvet:Smith
Event 4 – April 30/1 – Mt Edgcumbe, Plymouth: Luton:Morris:J George:Underwood: Share
BRITISH OPEN May 14/15 Dunbar Paju: Kettunen: Piipo: Robins: Morris N
Event 5 – May 21/22 Croydon Luton: Wilsdon: Wood: Johannessen: Sigurgeirsson:M Nowak
Event 6 – Jun 25/26 Lancashire Hotshot:Blair:Lee :Wilson: Thomas:Murphy : C. O’Brien.
Event 7 – July 23/24 QP Luton:Underwood:Bromage:Thomas:S George:Snelling
Event 8 – Aug 13/14 Essex Ryan:Underwood: Morris: Thomas: Share
Event 9 – Sep 10/11 – Creeksea Place Ryan:Underwood:Wilson:Thomas:Share:Bear
Event 10 – Oct1/2 Mendip Masters Luton:Underwood : Wilson: J George: White: Jackson
Nationals – Oct 29 /30 Manchester


BDGA Nationals and Hyzerween

Manchester Disc Golf is proud to host this year’s BDGA nationals tournament, as well as our ‘not-the-nationals’ side tournament for everyone, Hyzerween! Both events will be played on the tournament layout of our Longford Park home course and will cost £35 per person. The event is completely non-profit and we aim to spend every pound on the tournament experience and the prize packages, including a new tournament-logo Compass disc from Latitude 64 in Opto plastic for everyone and free meal on Saturday night.

BDGA Nationals

This event concludes the 2016 tour and will crown the 2016 National Champion in 4 rounds of match play. Players will play head-to-head with another player in a four-round single elimination tournament, with all places played out so you know you final position. Qualified players are the top-placed 14 players in the open division of tour, as well as the top masters player and the top Advanced Amateur player. In the event that not all nationals qualified players can attend, open division players or other top competitors may be promoted from the other event by the BDGA!


This will be a fun-focused PDGA rated C-tier tournament taking place simultaneously with Nationals on the same course, but structured as a stroke play 3-round event over two days. Advanced and Intermediate amateur divisions will be played, and if there are at least four people wishing to enter, we will offer Open, Masters, Women, Junior and recreational divisions well. The playing schedule will allow everyone to follow a card of their choice for the final round of the national championship!
Sign up

Want to come?
You can SIGN UP NOW by filling in the form at this link.
Your registration will be confirmed when you have paid for your space, and details of how to pay by bank transfer are proded when you complete the form.


Before the Event

We will send detailed joining instructions to all registered players the week before the event, and these will include detailed directions for how to get here and an opportunity to pre-order meals. Players wishing to carpool or share hotel rooms are welcome to coordinate on our Facebook event page.


Search for accommodation near M21 9TA. Local B&B options include the Woodstock(0161 861 9836) within easy walking distance, the Spread Eagle( 0161 861 0385) and Abbey Lodge only slightly further away, and all the hotels that serve Old Trafford cricket ground and the Manchester United Stadium. WE ARE WORKING ON A CAMPING OPTION, BUT IT ISN’T GUARANTEED YET!. Some local players might be willing to host you for free in their homes if you ask on the facebook event page. If would like to find an AirBnB, there are lots in and around Chorlton,
We aim to have the final course layout sprayed, flagged and notated by the end of Thursday the 27th, so it should be in tournament condition for any practice rounds you want to play on Friday. If you are in Manchester on Friday, you can join us for informal pub drinks in Chorlton on Friday evening.

Food and Drink

There is a Cafe on site in Longford Park which tends toward good coffee, sandwiches and soup options, slightly on the expensive side. They are normally open from 10 am each day. We will arrange a lunch pre order option with the cafe for all signed up players, which we expect to cost about £6 per day. There are also small shops within easy walking distance of the course, providing take away and premade sandwich options. Players are of course welcome to bring their own food.

Saturday evening we will host a social, which will kick off with the BDGA business-only AGM. We are planning to include Saturday’s evening meal for FREE! Final details of the social are not confirmed, but if they will let us have a bonfire, we will have one.

We are aiming to have tea, coffee and cakes available for free all day for everyone.

The Tournament Schedule

Both events will start with a players meeting led by TD Alan Heckman at 10 am on Saturday. The first round will begin no later than 10:30 for both events, unless we have so many sign ups that we need to alter the schedule!

The Saturday afternoon round will start no later than 2 pm with a shotgun start for both events.

Saturday evening, please join us for the BDGA Annual General Meeting and our evening social, to be held in the Scout Hut adjacent to the course.

Sunday morning round will begin at 9:30 am. This is the third and final round of regular play for Hyzerween. After lunch Hyzerween players are invited to join the BDGA Nationals final round as spectators, to watch what should be some great disc golf! Join us at 3 pm for our prize ceremony. We aim to finish the event by 3:30, allowing plenty of travel time to make your way home on Sunday evening.

Weather and the Longford Park Course

There is no predicting what the weather will be like at the end of October in Manchester, but we intend to carry out all event activities unless there are seriously dangerous conditions. Cool and sunny autumn weather is likely, but may also get to enjoy battling the elements as you play, and you should be prepared for rain and for mud underfoot. Our course is a wet course, so multiple footwear options, possibly including wellies, are a good idea. There will plenty of dry space to store your stuff, as we will have gazebo event tents on the course, and access to the scout hut nearby. Bringing a folding camping chair may be a good idea if you don’t wish to sit in the mud between rounds!

See you there!


WINNER – Emily Wilsdon took this fantastic silhouette of Sue Underwoods death putt, it was one of the easier judging decisions of the year as it sums Mendips up so iconically. Great snap Em, and great shot Sue.

WINNER – Emily Wilsdon took this fantastic silhouette of Sue Underwoods death putt, it was one of the easier judging decisions of the year as it sums Mendips up so iconically. Great snap Em, and great shot Sue.