AGM Minutes 2019 & Director’s Report

The minutes from our 2019 AGM are posted here and on our Documents page – with continued thanks from me to the Secretary for compiling the minutes so efficiently.

I would like to give sincere thanks to the members of the board for giving their time over the year, including a special mention for Matt Cutler, who stood down as Director of Competitions. Matt worked tirelessly this year to put on the two high-profile BDGA tournaments – the British Open, at a new course in West London, and the fantastic season-closing British Championships at the Mendip course. I am delighted to welcome Phil Wood back to the board in Matt’s place: Phil brings huge experience of UK disc golf, having previously been Director of Competitions.

We have made some progress, albeit slowly, on some of the items on the development plan: Alex Latham has surveyed more than half the courses in the country for our course audit; Sam Stevens has been putting together a course installation case study booklet; Paul Stoddart put together our first member survey – although the results have proved more difficult to analyse for trends than expected, which can be a lesson for constructing the questions for the next one; James Burton has put together an asset register and is drafting board member budgets in order to better predict spending levels. Our website’s events page was revamped by Nige Williams to give multiple ways for users to view events and plan their attendance.

Finally, after ten years on the board it is very likely that I will be stepping down next year. There has been a steady stream of criticism of what we have or have not been doing, and I can take much of the blame for my lack of experience and aptitude in a directorial role. I would strongly encourage all BDGA members to consider either putting themselves forward for any of the board positions, or to identify people they think would make good candidates and encourage them to get involved. As mentioned in the election results post, there was an increased number of Re-Open Nominations votes this year, without any candidates having actually put themselves forward. Be the change you seek!

Tom Lowes

BDGA National Director