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How The Tour Works

The BDGA Tour is a series of events around the country, at which players collect points with which to qualify for the British Championships, to be held in August at the end of the season, where a British Champion will be crowned in different divisons.

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If you wish to host a BDGA Tour Event please contact Matt Cutler and read the tour guidelines here

BDGA Tour 2018-2019

BDGA Tour 2017-2018

  • Call To Arms @ Essex

    Aug 12 Results

  • Manchester (MODS)

    Aug 19

  • Matchplay Nationals

    Sep 9/10

  • Croydon Xyclone

    Sep 16/17 Results

  • QP Masters (Masters only)

    Sep 30 / Oct 1 Results

  • The Rubber Biscuit @ Dunbar

    Oct 7 Results

  • Burnlaw Equinox

    Oct 14/15 Results

  • Bedworth (MODS)

    Oct 14 Results

  • Association Grand Melee @ QP

    Nov 4 Results

  • Discraft presents the Frostbreaker @ Essex

    Jan 6/7 Results

  • Nottingham (MODS)

    Jan 21 Results

  • Quarry Park (MODS)

    Feb 24 Results

  • Manchester (MODS)

    Mar 24 Results

  • Mocha Loch Tay Open

    Apr 7 Results

  • The Bluebell Woods Open (EuroTour) Blue Creek Dip Triple Crown

    Apr 14/15 Results

  • Mendip Charity Tournament (MODS)

    Apr 22 Results

  • Glasgow R&R

    May 5 Results

  • Mendip Masters Blue Creek Dip Triple Crown

    May 19/20 Results

  • Creeksea Classic (EuroTour) Blue Creek Dip Triple Crown

    Jun 9/10 Results

  • British Open - Quarry Park

    July 7/8 Results

  • Cotswold View (MODS)

    July 21st Info

  • British Matchplay and Team Championships - Ashton Court, Bristol

    July 28/29 Registration

  • Essex 54

    August 12 Registration

  • European Championships, Croatia

    15-19 August 2018 Website

  • British Championships - Beaminster

    August 25/26 Registration

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