Results Handicap League 25/02/17

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Results Handicap League 25/02/17

Post by Mr.Scary » Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:08 am

(AP) Colchester, UK- A very breezy day welcomed five players to the University of Essex along with overcast skies that dutifully started a steady light rain around hole 8 until the scores were being added up( 2O'Clock! Just as the website predicted!). Another newbie made the journey in Jon Spenceley and with new friendships abound and all your wind fighting discs packed in our bags we set off. A Handicapped score of Even Par or better was predicted to be the victor. Pars were the recommended route for the day until both Steve's, Cardwell and Kornmuller both 2'ed Hole 4. The winds were starting to hit brief spells of lull and the golfers were starting to take advantage as two more deuces were had on the Par 4 7th hole by Paul McCullough and Kornmuller. By then Cardwell had started to fade even with his -10 handicap added in. Paul Cooper though whose driving was suddenly all over the place was doing a brilliant job of scrambling for pars to stay in the thick of it. Rookie Spenceley was enjoying the winds and the challenge and his handicap was to be determined after 9 holes.
And so after 9 holes we looked like this:

Name……..Score ... Handicap Score….

McCullough….31 (-4)…..27
Kornmuller….33 (-4)…..27
Cooper……….36 (-3)……33
Cardwell……39 (-10)…..29
Spenceley……42 (-16)….26

Since it was such a windy day Spenceley will become a (-14) during normal weather conditions.

The shorter Hole 10 was up and Kornmuller missed from 12' to par with everybody else. The new Hole 11 then was played from a unique tee which in honesty does seem to work very well for both right and left handed players. We teed from the corner of the pond towards the pathway you walk between the two ponds(and on your way to Hole 5). Into those tough 20mph winds though it was quite a good effort for Cooper, McCullough and Kornmuller to card their pars especially on that slanted low grass green, skips would have been devastating.
Now on hole 12 heading towards the direction of the train station and hearing our sorely missed collegues Paul Stoddart and Ross Poole imitating the Trains' horns we all threw into another 20mph head wind with mixed results with Kornmuller and Cooper gaining a throw on McCullough's bogey.
Hole 13 saw Cooper and Kornmuller's pars gaining two throws on Mcullough who had tons of trouble in the trees to the left sending Kornmuller to the lead with the ever scrambling Cooper remaining just three throws behind the new leader without adding in Handicap.
Hole 14 Kornmuller laid up his death putt for par from against the building looking 22' down at the basket while the everybody including Rookie Spenceley bagged par as well to Cardwell's lone bogey.
Hole 15 "Over The Road" was into a decent 20mph constant headwind but surprising we all didn't throw our wind discs, just Cannon's, *D's and the like. Kornmuller yanked his upshot though and had settle for a bogey while McCullough and Cooper both parred. All even at the top between McCoullough and Kornmuller with Cooper's steady scrambling keeping him only two throws off now…
Hole 16 saw Kornmuller scrambling for par hitting a 25' uphill putt to save par after a lucky 'kick' off the building.
Hole 17 Kornmuller hit the first tree on the right and it seemed like he had given the Round to McCullough when he couldn't scramble for par BUT whats' this? The winds tinker with McCullough's putt from 6' and they BOTH Bogey to keep them tied going to the last hole. Cooper parred so now he's only ONE Throw off the lead but doesn't get the -4 handicap since he's a -3 he's really 2 throws off…

Hole 18 to the new basket position about 12 metres to the left of the old one(this is old hole 17 up against the Sports Centre) and with all the sidewalk it could be a problem for pedestrians but thats why it was moved away from the Sports Centre so…). Nice new OB harrads to think about though, really nice new challenge there.
McCullough yanks his drive and hits the big tree to the right and rolls towards the building to the left. Kornmuller's Samuari isn't thrown high enough and hits the berm 50' short. As we walk up to McCullough's lie it sits in the pathway around the building. We have never called that OB even though the path in front of it is. After some discussion Cooper and Cardwell deferred to the TD Kornmuller to make the call. The TD said it was inbounds, McCullough could scramble for Par and tie. McCullough's upshot was short though and Kornmuller was laid up past the basket 8' away. McCullough missed the 22 footer…
The scores were added wrong even though Kornmuller questioned them so a Playoff was to be had.
(Editor's note: I added up the scores when i got home and saw the error but thought I was just too tired again to be correct, so I waited till I woke this morning to re add everything and it still was a one throw margin of victory with no Playoff Needed. Still, good for a laugh though.)

Into the 20mph Headwind on hole 1 McCullough didn't get any tree love when his Buzzz was shaped almost perfectly towards the basket… but instead ended up on the left side of the big tree and with that big tree directly in his way. Kornmuller yanked his drive left and high and made it through all the trees somehow to have a blind no way from the back left side to make it even with an 'air bounce'' from the 1990s into the basket. Kornmuller laid up and McCullough's bid fell short from 28' with a left to right wind.
Hole 2 Kornmuller's Samuari did glide up to the last tree on the right and with the new basket position a metre closer to the tee it was tempting birdie attempt but a Paul McBeth approach from a knee didn't go in and landed at the base, McCullough yanked his drive off the high trees through the double mando but glanced waaay right. His upshot hit low hanging branches coming up the hill sort reminiscent of the Playoff for the World's Title a few years ago. McCullough couldn't make the 22' footer from under those branches and Kornmuller won.
Job done.


Weather: 9 or 10 but with a little chill from those 20mph winds, winds 20mph with some lulls, Overcast Skies
Par is 60

Place) Name…Handicap Score (Real-Handicap) (Birdies) Prize

1) Steve Kornmuller..59 (63-4) (2) Won Playoff ( 3, 3 ) Gateway Evolution Platnium Scout (Feels JUST LIKE Discraft's FLX ! )
2) Paul McCullough…60 (64-4) (2) Lost Playoff ( 3, 4 )
3) Paul Cooper.......61 (64-3) (0)
4) Steve Cardwell…65 (75-10) (1)
5) Jonathan Spenceley 65 (81-16) (0)

New Handicaps:

Poole -1 ------------------------------------
Theis -1 --------------------
Cooper -2
McCullough -3 -------------
Declan Barsby -3 ----------
Tomacz Nowak -4 --------
Kornmuller -3 -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Eagle -7 ---------------------
Phillips -8
Waxman -9 ----------------------------------
Tom Potter -11 -----------------------------
Lau -11 ------------------------------------
Marek Nowak -12-----------
Grant Barsby -12 -----------
Shawn Cavender -12
Ben Cheyne -13 --------------------------
Jonathan Spencely -14 ----------------------------------------------------------------

Harry Wilsdon -20 -------------------------

Ace Pools:

£50, £50, £50 & £36

Possible BDGA 1-Day-er 25 March(Saturday)

next Essex Handicap…

6 May Saturday - 1pm
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